New Year, New Detox?!

I am not very healthy.

I’m not grossly unhealthy either. But a life full of parties, eating out and drinking does not equal the most perfect internal organs. So  a few weeks ago, when I was offered the chance to try the NOSH Detox, I was happy to give it a go.

The NOSH plan is a great concept, as it involves absolutely NO work. No chopping up vegetables or juicing apples – it’s all done for you. A lovely delivery man drops off a day’s worth of juices the night before you start, complete with a box full of other treasures, such as body scrubs and herbal teas, and returns each night you’re on the plan. You just pop the drinks in the fridge and away you go.

They supply four juices per day, most of which are delicious (there was only one I struggled with), and encourage you to drink litres of water, along with hot drinks such as lemon and ginger and the teas they provide. I was scared I was going to be hungry as my appetite is usually huge, but by 6pm on day 1 I felt absolutely fine. Better than fine. I felt good.

Day 2 was slightly more challenging, as I was busy and running around and got hungry around 3. However, more water soon took the edge off. I did notice myself getting grumpy and possibly a bit snappy in the evening (sorry friends!) but apparently this is pretty standard when detoxing – although it’s not the nicest side effect.

Day 3 for me was the worst mood wise – I noticed myself feeling positively cross with the world and locked myself away so as not to inflict my horribleness on anyone else. However, I didn’t feel hungry, just tired and a little off-centre. The juices do actually fill you up and as I say, were genuinely nice to drink which was a surprise.

My NOSH detox was part of a package with the Chelsea Day Spa, which is why it was 3 days rather than the standard 6 day plan shown on the website. This is a real bonus though, as I got to reward myself with an amazing hour long massage, and less relaxing waxing at the Chelsea Day Spa when I was done! The massage was incredible and really helped ease the tension I always build up around my shoulders and back due to the nasty hit and run accident. Heaven.

I decided to wait a few weeks to write up the Detox to see if there were any noticeable differences in my body, and I can absolutely confirm that there are. I knew I lost around 5lbs over the 3 day plan, but as a cynic, assumed I would put that weight straight back on, especially over the Christmas period. Instead, my stomach has remained perfectly flat, and for the first time EVER I am actually slimmer in January that I was in December – incredible! Even my best friend commented on how healthy I was looking, which is great.

The best part of the plan for me is that I am now drinking more water each day and am not at all tempted to eat crap – opting rather for lighter options where possible. I feel healthier because of it and definitely look better (apologies if that sounds vain). I am not sure if everyone who detoxes feels the same afterwards, but the thought of large portions or greasy food makes me feel a little bit wrong.

The worst part? Obviously the grumps! I really did feel my mood crash for around 36 hours, which wasn’t pleasant, so if you are going to opt for NOSH do make sure your friends and loved ones are prepared for some snapping….or just get them to hide in the cupboard under the stairs for a day or two. It might be safest.

Other than that, the plan was great and I would definitely look at another round in 6 months or so, or consider other detox options this year.

Bring it on 2011. I’m ready for you.

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