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Two new Murad products and a Lancôme product I adore

My winter skin has been disgusting. Pale, spotty, dry, puffy, grey-ish, dark circles – I’m talking all the bad things, all at once. But since I started using Lancôme’s Galatéis Douceur cleanser with Murad’s new Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum and Age Balancing Moisture SPF30, I swear it’s sorted itself out and is looking a hundred times better – well to me at least.

Now I’m sure it can’t be ENTIRELY down to my change in skincare, I have also been doing a bit more exercise, drinking less (ish) and eating less (ish) sugar, but I do believe these products are largely accountable.

Wb_128043-1hat I love about the Lancôme Galatéis Douceur cleanser (£36, 400ml) is that you rub the milky goodness all over your face and into your eyes, like a moisturiser and then watch as it starts dissolving all your makeup in front of your eyes. And you can watch – because you can still open your eyes and it’s so gentle it doesn’t sting them one little bit. Then you get some damp cotton pads or a hot cloth and watch as all the days grime and grub comes off in one fell swoop. Sometimes I even go for the double cleanse. It feels so good!



60277_1_2.1414126529Next on goes Murad’s Intensive Age-Diffusing Serum (£65, 30ml). It smells divine – all fresh and fruity – and melts into your skin deliciously smooth. It contains Resurrection plant proteins to restore hydration, and Clover Leaf extract (a phytoestrogen which helps keep the skin supple and elastic). Mango, Banana and Caja extract resurface the skin and boost collagen production.





s1651694-main-hero-300Last but not least, on goes the Murad Age Balancing Moisture SPF30 (£59.50, 50ml) to my skin soup. A product designed to hydrate and protect. This also uses phytoestrogens to improve elasticity, as well as Dr Murad’s own patented Murasol Antioxidant Defense which provides protection against free-radicals and supports the skin’s natural defences. It’s also worth noting that the Age-Balancing Moisture has a PA +++ rating (the highest possible). This is the protection that fights UVA rays (the ones we are exposed to all year round, even in winter) which I always think is nicely reassuring in a day cream.


Let’s hope this good skin-ness continues into spring…

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