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Byron do MOvember…

Last week, my good friend and foodie critic @AlexLarman invited me down to Byron Burger Spitalfields to sample their new Movember creation: The Mo Burger. I had had a long day and was particularly looking forward to Larman’s company as he is utterly hilarious and we always drink and laugh too much when we are together (two of my favourite things in life).

I remember going to Byron on High Street Kensington many years ago when they first first opened. Since then, they have over 20 restaurants so you lucky Londoners have your pick of places to try it for yourself.

I spent the entire next day dreaming about this burger (possibly due to the too much drinking – thanks Larman), but will definitely be going back for more as soon as it hits the counters (In fact, may only eat these for the whole of November so apologies in advance to other London restaurants).

Now, on to the burger itself: the meat was cooked perfectly pink, cheese oozed over the whole thing and the bun was warm and soft. Salted cucumbers brought just the right amount of tang to this beauty and it was slathered in delicious dill and mustard dressing. Ketchup definitely not needed. I actually don’t think I can write anymore because it’s making me starving just thinking about it.

We ordered sides of giant onion rings in crispy batter, fries to dunk in tasty Byron sauce and all washed down with beers and good red wine. Bliss.

We ended our evening with the uber indulgent Oreo Sundae – as if we hadn’t eaten enough already! After a final cheeky whisky nightcap, we wondered back through the dark streets of London full, and happy, and giggly. Perfect.

My favourite thing about this though, is that it is completely guilt free burger scoffing which you can’t say very often. For every Mo Burger that Byron sells, they will donate 50p to Movember to help raise money for research into prostate and testicular cancer which is a great cause. In previous years they’ve raised £60,000(!).

But boys, this next piece of information is one that might just give you even more incentive to grow a tash next month (as if the charity wasn’t a good enough reason). Are you ready….? Sure….? Okay….If you are partaking in Movember, are registered on, and have raised a minimum of £25…wait for it…Byron will give you a FREE burger between 3pm–6pm. EVERY DAY!! Surely that’s a good enough reason to wait for a late lunch and get involved with a brilliant cause!?

The Mo Burger is available from today at all Byron restaurants. Get involved! As Byron say: Those in the Know, Grow.


Byron Spitalfield’s can be found at:

3-6 Steward Street
London E1 6FQ.

Telephone 020 7377 1222



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