This Little Lady Gets….SCREWED!

Don’t worry. I’m not about to start giving you an insight into my personal life. I’m referring of course to the new Lionsgate film, co-written by Ronnie Thompson and Colin Butts, about life as a corrupt prison guard. I was lucky enough to be invited to a preview screening at the gorgeous Soho Hotel on Monday, where we got a sneak peek at Reg Traviss’ latest movie.

Now. You know what I’m like. I like make-up, and sparkles, and pretty things. None of which you will find in the film Screwed. This is a gritty prison drama, where violence and corruption rule. It’s a well-written account of life from the perspective of the screws rather than the inmates – and unusual twists that will keep you wondering right up until the end.

The cast is full of well known faces, including Noel Clarke, Ray Panthaki, Jamie Foreman and Kate McGowan, as well as James D’Arcy, who plays  the lead, Sam, brilliantly.

It’s by no means a girlie movie, and certainly not one to see if you have any issues with swearing….there’s a lot of it….but if you like a Brit-Flick, a bit of bloody violence, some dark emotional performances and a few hot men, this ones for you!

Check out the trailer and some interviews below, and watch out for the film in a cinema near you from this Friday.



To see an interview with Reg Traviss and some of the cast members – click here

You can now Pre-Order the DVD for SCREWED from Amazon – Just click here!

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