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Food: Lord's Tavern, NW8

Sometimes, we take for granted this wonderful city of ours, and forget that there are some amazing spots pretty much on our doorstep.

I’m guilty of this on occasion. I forget how close to marvels like Regents Park and London Zoo I am, and until a few weeks ago had as good as forgotten that Lord’s Cricket Ground was on my doorstep.

This Little Lady visited the Lord's Tavern, at the Cricket Ground

I was surprised to hear that parts of Lord’s aren’t just open for the cricket. Lord’s Tavern, the pub/restaurant that serves as a hospitality space on match days, is open year round. I must have driven past it hundreds of times, but never made the connection. (Perhaps I’m just dim. That could well be it). Anyway, when we were invited to try it out, we were more than happy to see if it bowled us over. (GROAN)

I liked this place as soon as we arrived. It has underground parking, which is really handy for those of you who are just coming for dinner or don’t fancy boozing the night away – and is also rather nice when the sky is crying huge tears, which it was when we pulled up. Cold and hungry, we bundled ourselves in and were greeted warmly before being shown to our table.

I checked out the menu for Lords Tavern before we arrived, so had made my choices (Warm Scotch Egg with Curried Mayo, followed by the Burger) before we even sat down. James is still trying his best to have a healthyish January (and beyond…) so while he was really tempted by the Fish and Chips, he chose the Mushrooms, followed by the Butternut Squash Risotto.

Lord's Tavern Menu

We were surprised before the first course arrived, as the Chef sent over a little treat of Welsh Rarebit and Smoked Salmon Crostini. It was a really nice way to start the evening, and the Welsh rarebit especially was amazing. Very moreish. It’s actually available as a starter, and I highly recommend it!

Next up – my Scotch Egg. Just cooked, still warm and with a soft, yet not runny yolk…it was an absolute joy. Personally I was happy with it on it’s own without the curry mayo, as the “scotch” meaty part was full of flavour that was masked a little by its accompaniment. In all truth, I could probably have sat there and eaten about 8 of these. I loved it.

Similarly, James’ Mushrooms on Toast with a Soft Poached Egg was fantastic. The portion was huge, but the mushrooms beautifully selected and cooked, and the yolk from the poached egg oozed out and coated them, mixing with the hollandaise to make the most delicious sauce. Even the bread was lovely, as it soaked up all the juices. A lovely starter – but also a brilliant breakfast (and one I’ll be attempting to recreate soon!)

Main courses were a bit of a mixed bag. James’s Risotto was creamy and well cooked but a little one-note. Nothing wrong with it at all, but quoting him, “perhaps a little boring”. (I think he wished he’d gone for the fish and chips after all). We both laughed when the burger arrived though, as it was HUGE. I tried my hardest to take a bite through the whole thing, but no chance. There was a juicy, perfectly pink patty, ripe tomato, crisp lettuce, gooey, melted cheese, pickle and a toasted bun – plus skin on hand cut chips. It was gorgeous. I ended up eating it with a knife and fork and here is where my only complaint lays; the “plate” it was served on (actually a slab) was tiny for such a monstrous burger. Bits were falling everywhere and I couldn’t help making a mess. Other than that? A  enjoyable burger, worthy competition for anywhere else round here.

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The Lords Tavern isn’t a restaurant – it’s a nice local bar that serves good food. It’s fairly modern, the dishes we had were really enjoyable and the staff are great. What’s nice is that the bar is set to the right as you walk in, and our table was to the left, so on busy nights you have the option of eating your meal a little away from the buzz of the pub. There’s a TV on the wall showing sports and plaques and boards all around telling of the cricket club’s history, plus an outside patio space with tables and heaters – perfect for when the sun finally reappears.

If you’re near by, fancy a drink or a nice bite to eat, it’s a really pleasant local option. And definitely one for the cricket fans!

Images taken on the Nokia Lumia 900 and Motorola Razr i

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