Haircare Review: Lee Stafford Climate Control Protection Spray

What they Say: This light dry spritz helps to prevent, protect and repair the damage. It includes a UV absorber which prevents UVB damage, preserving your hair’s strength, condition and colour. A trio of naturally derived free radical scavengers mop up the free radicals, protecting the hair from damage and helping to repair the damage that’s already been caused. A Shea Butter derivative protects against chlorine and if all that wasn’t enough, the revolutionary SCIENCE THAT SPREADS™ means if you miss areas of your hair when first spraying this clever spray will eventually spread by itself! The perfect protection from summer or winter sun and chlorine.

What I say: I think they’ve used too many words…but I’m a huge fan. I have naturally crazy hair but just one all over spritz of this hairspray made me feel like some kind of stylists model! My style stayed in place, didn’t feel sticky, didn’t feel “crispy”, and didn’t go frizzy and nasty, despite the London drizzle. It smells fresh and clean and apparently it works great in Summer too. I’m thinking about booking myself a holiday so I can test that theory!

Price: £5.49 from retailers like Boots



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