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I spent the night at The Hospital and I liked it

Last Wednesday I finished up after a hard day’s work in the office and took a 10-minute stroll through the sass and sunshine of Soho to The Hospital Club in Covent Garden. It was in these 10 minutes that I experienced something as close to peace as a Londoner can get. That one commute, without fighting my way onto the central line for an hour of sweaty exasperation and discomfort, did wonders. Hello strange man on a lead, hello pile of puke on the floor, hello sadistic sex toys in the window, you’re all just lovely.

And then I entered the Hospital Club and my angst melted even more. For a Private Member’s Club, it’s pretty down to earth. No ‘you don’t belong here, commoner’ or ‘what the hell are you wearing’ looks (I was wearing dirty trainers and a Primark T). Everyone was rather welcoming and friendly actually. Especially the staff.

Regarded as the favourite haunt of media types; contemporary art hangs on the walls, furniture is cool and distressed and there are loads of spaces to hang out and pretend to be talking mediaaaaaa. The h.Club’s 15 bedrooms have been carefully curated by fifteen emerging contemporary artists giving the spaces a unique feel.

I was escorted up to my room – ‘we got you a large one’ my concierge winked. So in I went to the welcoming sound of classical music from a cute little Roberts radio, a GIANT Super King size bed with macaroons on it, two super snuggly robes, comfy slippers, a 42” 4k TV (apparently that’s good says my bf), and a big old rainforest shower and bathtub surrounded by REN goodies. Tick, tick, tick. ‘If you’re in your room for the next hour, you can enjoy our cocktail trolley’ my lovely concierge says, ‘all complimentary, of course.’ Double tick.

After a fair few cocktails in their rooftop bar (with some excellent views), I retired to my bedroom, did a few demi-pliés in my robe to the sound of The Nutcracker and melted into my wonderfully soft and fluffy pillow for a super night sleep – no nurse required. And the best part was the commute back into the office the next morning. I still managed to be late though.

The h. bedrooms start from £180 per night for a small bedroom and go up to £580 per night for a suite.

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The Hospital Club
+44 207 170 9400
+44 207 170 9100
24 Endell St
Covent Garden
London WC2H 9HQ 

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