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We Love: Mews of Mayfair, W1

I’ve thought long and hard about writing about Mews.

Not, by any stretch of the imagination, because we don’t like it. Quite the opposite, in fact. We LOVE it. And sometimes, we’re tempted to keep the places we love to ourselves. But we can’t – our dedication to the cause is too great.

MewsMews isn’t easy to find, but is always busy. Word of mouth has served them well, and in summer months it’s hard to find a seat outside (see – this is why we wanted to keep it quiet!)

It’s set in the narrow cobble streets between Bond Street and South Molton lane, just by the gorgeous Elemis Day Spa, and offers just about everything a lady in London could ever need; a great cocktail list (I’m rather partial to their Lychee Martini), a lovely restaurant, a club downstairs and a rather smashing Champagne list. They also have a crystal Christian Louboutin shoe – THAT YOU CAN DRINK OUT OF. But only if you order the right bubbles.

Which is fine by me, of course. I’m lucky enough to have supped from that slipper. Such a frightful lush.

Mews is a fun place to visit after work, or at weekends. It’s got a lovely vibe, the staff are charismatic and attentive and if you go often enough, always remember you (and if you go too often, they know what you drink too…) With four uber-stylish floors, it’s also the perfect place to hold an event. Talk to the management about private hire – they’ll be happy to help.

The clientelle are sharply dressed and the kind of people who rarely look at the prices on the menus; Mews is expensive but not frighteningly so. We’ll do a full restaurant review soon but in the meantime, rest assured that this darling venue is perfect for a date, an evening with friends or a quick cocktail stop…but remember, don’t tell anyone. It can be our little secret!

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