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Nightlife in Clapham: The Clubhouse

The first place that springs to mind when considering a night out in Clapham is typically Infernos; sticky floors, cheesey music and watered down drinks with hiked up prices. Luckily the owners of the classy SW4 Restaurant are on hand to offer something much more refined in the form of their new speakeasy-style cocktail bar, Clubhouse.

Situated a stones throw from Clapham North station there is no big sign to announce the bar’s location and, like us, you might have to walk around a bit before you spot it. This is all very intentional however as Clubhouse is going for a members-only vibe, with entrance only admitted to a select few who have been given a secret number to call in advance and book a table.

Being part of the ‘club’ was all very exciting until we got to the bar and buzzed on the door, only to be told our names weren’t on the list. All dressed up and with nowhere else to go we did what any self-respecting girls would do, and blagged our way inside. The bar is hidden away on the top floor and is a lovely cosy space with soft lighting and glam décor, perfect for a date or catching up with friends, but it’s definitely not a place to get the party started. By 10 pm we were the only two people left, propping up the bar and feeling slightly ridiculous in our mini skirts.

The cocktails, however, are definitely worth a try. Clubhouse provides a taster menu of five cocktails, priced very reasonably at £6 each, which changes weekly. We particularly liked the Stingray (bison grass vodka, peach puree and apple juice) and the Earl Grey Fizz (Vodka with Earl Grey sugar syrup, a dash of orange bitters, topped with Champagne), both of which completely disguised the taste of any alcohol and were therefore devoured in about five minutes. Oops.

I would recommend the Clubhouse as a place to go for a few chilled drinks if you fancy a low-key evening – although unfortunately it’s only open on Friday and Saturday evenings.


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