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A quickie facial at One New Change

One New Change

A stone’s throw from St Paul’s Cathedral stands One New Change – The City’s shopping mall buzzing with beauty, fashion, food and culture. The shops here are more Topshop and Office than Dior or Louis Vuitton and you’ll find an array of food offerings from the likes of Gordon Ramsey and Jamie Oliver.

I went along this week after work to check it out and try an express facial in the Dermalogica salon. I’m often unconvinced by the idea of having a treatment in a busy shopping mall, but this was private, relaxed and felt away from it all. The express facial is roughly 20mins, so it’s short enough to fit in with a busy city girl schedule but they also offer a 1-hour treatment for the less time strapped.


I started by filling in a form, highlighting dryness and premature-ageing as my main concerns, and then my therapist handpicked the best products to use in my facial. Then you have the choice of having an educational facial where she tells you what she’s using at every step, or a quiet, peaceful one where she doesn’t talk much at all. I chose to hear all the science.

The therapist put a steamer over my face to open my pours whilst she cleansed, scrubbed and applied a mask. I thought it was rather weird when she asked me to take off all my jewellery as she was going to be using a electronic current, but hey-ho, I rolled with it.  She explained that using the electric current actually allows the product to penetrate further into the skin making it more effective. And it was totally fine, I couldn’t feel a thing.


After the facial, I was taken to the beauty bar where my beautician recommended products in friendly, and not-too-hard sales way. She also gave me a take home face map of which product to use and where.

I was recommended (and bought)

This isn’t the type of treatment where you can switch off and really indulge, but it is perfect if you want a quick skin pick-me-up or 20 minute time out for yourself.

Express facial £20 or redeemable on £60 worth of products.

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