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Restaurant Review: Rub Diner, N4

Rub Diner Pulled Pork

As hard as it may be to accept, summer has undoubtedly drawn to a chilly climax. Rather than sulking over the retirement of my favourite floral prints and afternoons lavishing in the sunshine, I have decided to embrace the autumn months (cocktail in hand). What better way to beat the drizzle and sharp winds than with a winter warmer that is sure to line your stomach and tantalise your taste-buds?

I ventured north to Finsbury Park for a dining experience like no other. Rub Slow Food Diner & Milk Bar on Stroud Green Road brings life to an area which is somewhat limited in culinary hotspots. Their menu offers marinated, slow-cooked meats, fish and vegetables, irresistibly tasty milkshakes, and a dessert menu that cannot be avoided (but it may leave you booking yourself into a spinning session in the morning). I was also excited to see the fully-stocked bar, offering a variety of cocktails, craft beers and wines.

The recent refurbishment of Rub Diner made me feel like I was dining out in a trendy Shoreditch hangout. The décor was minimalistic, yet the stylish black walls were juxtaposed perfectly with the retro coloured tables, each embellished by a musical icon such as Bob Marley.

While I enjoyed a delicious tequila-based cocktail, my boyfriend Myron indulged in one of Rub’s specialist milkshakes. Although it may not rival the traditional American diners in terms of size, it certainly held its weight in quality.

With eyes bigger than our stomachs, we opted for the Rub platter, priced at £20 and consisting of Pulled Pork, Baby Back Ribs, Smoked Sausage, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, Fries and Slaw. It was a soul-food sensation leaving us far from satisfied. If you’re not too keen on spicy food, you may find one of Rub’s burgers to be a safer option.

Myron also ordered the Piggy Back Burger – an upgrade to their classic beef burger, with a topping of succulent pulled pork. The beef was fairly bland, however the pulled pork rejuvenated the flavour.

After my mountain of food, I couldn’t handle another morsel, but Myron refused to allow the dessert menu to defeat him and ordered a Baked Chocolate Cheesecake. Simple, yet sweet, it was the perfect way to finish off the meal.

Rub Diner’s mission statement is clear and humble: to bring lovingly seasoned and marinated slow cooked food, killer milkshakes and delicious cheesecakes to the masses. With delicious, simple food at reasonable prices, this American-style restaurant is definitely worth a visit.

  • Price range: £25 and under
  • Address: 121 Stroud Road, London, N4 3PX
  • Website:

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