Review: BlueTit Hair Salon – Dalston

It’s been a long time since I’ve had a hair cut. A LONG TIME. Possibly the longest ever – at about 8 months.


I was doing that thing that girls do…thinking that if I didn’t cut it, it would be long and luscious. Of course, it gets longer. But luscious? Not so much. The ends were dead, making it look a little bit limp and lifeless. I was in serious need of a trim.

Being the daredevil that I am when it comes to my hair, I welcomed the opportunity to go in and visit BlueTit when they got in touch. It’s a salon I hadn’t visited before and didn’t have any personal recommendations for; but I liked the look of what they do and thought I’d give it a try. What’s the worst that could happen?

(I know the answer to this question, unfortunately. I’ve tried new salons before and had total disasters. But I still hoped for the best!)

BlueTit Hair Extension WallNow. I’m not cool enough to hang around in Dalston that often, but the salon itself was really easy to find (at 7 Stoke Newington Road, London, N16 8BH). I parked up and made my way in, and fell in love immediately. I LOVE original styling and decor, and BlueTit have done a fantastic job at making the salon feel stylish and quirky – with accessories from an eclectic mix of eras – while still feeling warm, homely and welcoming. There are cute touches everywhere, from hundreds of framed photos on the walls to a section made up completely of hair extensions – which looks a lot nicer than it sounds…

My appointment was with Pont – and we had a great chat about what I wanted. My old style was actually pretty good, but the layers had grown out and it was all a little unruly; not a great thing when you have hair as huge as mine. We decided not to change too much this time – leaving the length as much as possible, but taking out a lot of the weight by thinning and tidying the layers. I considered doing my usual winter trick and cutting back in a heavy fringe, but after discussion with Pont, we decided that a softer, grown out variation of a fringe would be more modern and flattering.

After a lovely head massage (how could I have waited so long to get back to the hairdresser? It’s worth it, for this alone) next to a gorgeous fish tank, I settled in to my (comfy) chair, with coffee, magazines and everything I needed to relax. I wasn’t having a colour done this time, so just sat back while Pont’s expert hands got to work! He was a pleasure to work with, and we chatted about everything from current trends and styles to the pro’s and cons of London Fashion Week. We may have even bitched a bit. I love a hairdresser who likes a bitch. It’s one of the benefits!

In next to no time my cut was finished and I was blow dried and ready to go. This is itself is no mean feat – my hair, as previously mentioned, is both massive and plentiful, so many stylists find it quite difficult to dry on their own. No such trouble here, for which I was grateful. It can be really boring to sit there for hours, wishing they’d resort to the straighteners.

JJ Hair (BlueTit)Unfortunately it was raining outside so by the time I got home I’d lost a little bit of the style and couldn’t take any photos of the immediate “after”. But I liked it. I found the fringe a bit frustrating to start with, but overall, it was good. And after the panic I’d felt going in? This is a credit to Pont.

I always wait a few weeks after a cut to write a review, as I like to see how the haircut settles and how easy it is to manage yourself. I can’t be the only one who hates it when you leave a salon looking fabulous, but can’t recreate that at home??

I’m pleased to say that, while I took a bit of time to get used to styling my fringe properly in this new way…I now bloody love it.

I’ve home-coloured my hair since the salon visit (it was looking a bit mousey blonde, so I used Casting Creme in Chocolate) but this is the result – I like how this photo shows off the shape of the fringe. I’ll update with a picture of it down soon too…I seem to be lacking in the selfie department right now.

Would I recommend BlueTit? Definitely. It’s a really friendly salon with a great team; it looks beautiful; the results are great. What’s not to love? If you’re Dalston way, definitely pop in. Or check out their other branches in Clapton or Peckham too – although I can’t recommend those first hand, I’m sure they’re just as good.

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