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Review: Friends Of Ours, Hoxton

While wandering around what I consider to be the ‘dodgier’ end of Hoxton – I was surprised to stumble upon a hidden gem – Friends of Ours café – which has quickly become my favourite brunch destination.

This quirky little café is brand spanking new (just over a month old now) and everything about it is about it is absolutely brilliant. From the sleek open space to the specialty coffee (which by the way, is the best I’ve had in London), there’s literally not one thing I can fault it on.


After at least 20 minutes browsing the menu and debating which delicious dish to try, I finally settled on the sweet potato and courgette rosti with poached eggs, crispy smoked bacon and avocado, which didn’t disappoint. Other standouts at our table included the Devil’s Scrambled Eggs, Flaked Ham Hock Benedict and Corn Fritter Stack and Shack – all of which were conversation-stoppingly-delicious.

Food 1

Even though we were stuffed to the brim (and it was only 10am), we HAD to try the spring forage board. Because, well, look at it! Edible dirt, edible flowers, delicious gooey things, say no more.

FullSizeRender (4)

This place won’t stay a secret for long – so get in before the crowds do…

61 Pitfield Street,
N1 6BU

Monday – Friday
7am – 5pm
Saturday and Sunday
9am – 5pm


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