Review: Macs Salon, Kilburn

It has been a couple of years since I had a back massage purely for pleasure. I’ve had numerous Physio’s poking and prodding at me, some deep tissue pummelling, but I had honestly forgotten how delightful it can be to have someone massage you for no other reason than to help you relax…

I visited Macs Salon on Kilburn High Road last week after a fairly long tube journey, and was pleased at how easy it was to find, perched on a corner opposite Tesco’s. The reception area was busy but I was greeted almost immediately – and I liked how friendly and professional everything was from the offset.

Upstairs in Macs, you’ll find he hair salon, which is packed full of stylists and customers who are all bang on trend. An exceptionally gorgeous man sat down to have his shaggy locks trimmed by an equally beautiful stylist, and in all honesty I did consider missing my appointment and just ogling him for a bit. Luckily, he was saved from an altogether weird Blog Editor staring at him by me being escorted downstairs to the beauty area (and a delicious glass of chilled champagne).

MacsNow, whereas upstairs the atmosphere is lively and slightly hectic, downstairs is relaxed and serene. The space is small, with the waiting area being in a corridor which feels slightly claustrophobic, but the decor is up-to-date and stylish; browns and creams create a homely yet modern feel.

The treatment rooms themselves are clean, kitted out brilliantly with Eastern touches and are much more spacious than the waiting space outside. Michaela, my therapist, was lovely and made me feel relaxed from the outset – she talked me through every step of what she was planning to do and explained exactly what each product she was using was for.

We started with a back and shoulder massage, which was quite simply A-MAZ-ING. Michaela’s hands glided across my skin firmly enough to smooth out any smaller knots but lightly enough not to be uncomfortable or painful. She didn’t set out to “fix” my back problems, we’d have been there all month, but to relax me. And that aim was well and truly met.

We then moved onto a fabulous exfoliating Dermologica facial, which stimulated my dermis to encourage the nutrients to rise up to the surface of the skin. I was given a choice of oil to smell and picked my favourite which allegedly meant my skin was crying out for some “soothing” – no surprise there. Again, Michaela made sure she talked me through every step of the process, explaining which products were being used and what benefits they would have. It’s never entirely pleasant having your blackheads dealt with at the hands of a stranger, but there was no pain involved and my skin positively glowed when we were done.

I left the treatment rooms feeling blissful – completely relaxed, pampered and cleansed. The consultative process was great – I knew exactly what to expect and was advised to drink plenty of water/avoid alcohol to avoid any unpleasant after-effects as the toxins were being released from my body.

Overall, I had a lovely experience. I really liked the relaxed feel of Macs, and Michaela was an excellent therapist. Prices are reasonable and while it’s not as uber-chic and sterile as some of the more exclusive Mayfair type salons, the salon is welcoming and the atmosphere is great.

Would I go back? Yes.

Would I recommend Macs to you? Yes.

Tell them I sent you!

Salon [Rating:3.5]

Therapist [Rating:4.5]

Overall [Rating:4]

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