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Review: Mustik (Venue now closed)

I am slightly lost somewhere near Old Street…

It’s cold, wet and dark, just your average Autumn night in London. I have my flame haired friend in the car, she is frantically trying to navigate and we are somewhere close, just not close enough. We are headed to Mustik, A new Caribbean restaurant / bar that has opened up in the heart of the City.

We are wet and cranky as we walk through the doors, but it seems that we have taken a long flight to the sunny islands.

First impressions; lively place, music on the background, bar counter, lots of people around, leather couches, laughter and so forth.

We are greeted by a very smiley hostess who informs us that our table is ready and waiting. We walk past a group of people enjoying a drink, giggling and being generally very merry. Truth? Am loving the vibe of this place already.

We sit down and there is a cocktail menu waiting (score). We order Mustik Mojito’s that arrive within seconds (so it seems).  They were delicious…and it’s safe to say these were not the only mojitos of the night. We were offered the menu OR  a selection of starters. Obviously we opted for the selection without a moments hesitation, thinking that way we will get MORE food. We were not disappointed as the plates of starters arrived and we were “off”. Little pieces of island food started to take away the pain of grey London. My taste-buds were screaming for more, so the only thing we could do was to obey and engorge.

Starters over, it was only right that we ordered another cocktail round, Bling Bling and Winnie The Pooh. We started to feel happy and warm. We sneaked off for a smoke between the courses, and very glad that we did. They have built in seats on the windows, where you can sit in peace, out of the wind and enjoy your smoke (if you want to!), watching the traffic go by.

Main courses arrived and we were in for a treat. There is this weird presumption about Caribbean food being heavy, but we were very pleasantly surprised! The food was full of flavor and taste, something that the Chef Hasan DeFour takes great pride in.

Mustik is his new adventure towards introducing Caribbean food to the masses and honestly I think he is doing a great job. My thoughts about Caribbean cooking have now completely changed. He asks a very valid question, “Why isn’t Caribbean food on the top of take out menus?”. This is something that he feels very passionate about, he wants to educate people what the Caribbean kitchen can do and knock down those presumptions that its dense and stodgy. He is all about taste and lots of it.

We finished our meal, warm from the cocktails and extremely happy from the food.

As we walked out the door, we felt the rain of on our faces, but nothing would take away the smile we got from great service, amazing food and a very warm evening in the Caribbean islands. Delightful.

Da Man – Msalonen

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