Review: New Season, New Hair…at Leticia Haute Coiffure

If you’ve spotted my Twitter picture this morning, you may have noticed that something has changed. Rather drastically, in fact. I’ve gone all blonde.

JJ Miller dark hairYou may wonder why. In my previous Twit-pic, my hair looked lush, shiny and long. It was taken months ago, after my last cut. In reality, unfortunately, it had become dull, damaged and…well…quite rubbish actually. I was waking every morning to snapped off ends on my pillow, and every time I washed it, the plug hole was clogged with the broken bits that no amount of treatments or expensive shampoos could save.

I was a little bit sad about this, as I have been growing my hair for YEARS. I was so proud of the fact it now reached halfway down my back, and was looking forward to it being that little bit longer so I could have lush red carpet curls, and be as glamorous as the ladies you see on the TV. But over the last few weeks, I’ve sadly acknowledged that it just wasn’t going to get there in the state it was in. Instead of an a-lister, the damaged mop on my head was making me look more like a scarecrow. AND, to top it off, my natural blonde roots were clearly obviously against the faded out brown we’d last used to dye it. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but blonde roots against dark hair look like grey. I may be old…but I’m not grey yet!

I’ve known Pierre at Letitia Haute Coiffure for a while now. We met in the run up to the London Lifestyle Awards last year, and he and his team were responsible for glamming me up that evening; they did an incredible job. We’ve been talking about him cutting my hair ever since, and having seen the magic he can perform, this seemed like the perfect opportunity. If you’re going to go for a change, it’s really best to go to someone you trust. There is nothing worse that giving your hair up to someone and coming away unhappy. I’ve left salons in tears before now…not a nice feeling!

So, yesterday, feeling brave and ready to make a change, I arrived at Leticia Haute Coiffure in Marylebone (a short distance from Baker Street, with plenty of parking available) and settled in to Pierre’s capable care.

Letitia Haute Coiffure DogBefore we start discussing hair cuts, there’s something you should probably know. Pierre and Leticia, the owners of LHC, are the proud parents to the most amazing dog EVER. Jack, the gorgeous Ruby King Charles Cavalier, is an absolute star. If you’re happy for him to sit on you and keep you company while you have your hair done he loves it; but if not? This is one obedient dog and will stay clear if he’s told. Why on earth would you want that though? LOOK AT THIS FACE!!

With Jack firmly ensconced on my lap, the consultation began. Pierre and I did discuss taking my hair darker again, but with summer (and a few trips abroad) planned, we both decided that a warm blonde would be best. And that yes, my ends did need to come off. They were beyond saving. May they rest in peace.

Pierre has lived and trained in different hair techniques from around the world, and he really is a little bit of a magician. The colour he selected (which contains no bleach  and no harmful agents; it reacts with your natural pigment to bring out the best colour possible) was foiled in quickly and developed fast, so there was no long wait under heaters. I was genuinely surprised how quick the transformation took place; it was an hour at most from the time I walked in to being blonde, which is great if (like me) you get bored easily and your back seizes up when you have to sit around for too long!

Pierre washed the colour out himself and MY GOD…this was the best head massage I have ever received. It’s not for the timid – Pierre has strong hands & is not afraid to use them. It felt absolutely wonderful and left me totally blissed out…much needed at the moment! I wasn’t surprised to learn that he trained in massage in Thailand and also provides massage services in the salon. I will definitely be going back for that; with my damaged back and neck, I need someone who knows what they are doing and isn’t afraid to dig deep. Lushness.

Back at my station, it was a little strange seeing a blondie stare back to me in the mirror. I am a natural blonde (no jokes please…) and bizarrely, I felt like it was the first time I’d seen me staring back for quite some time. I also realised I needed a spray tan…but that’s a different story.

With Jack back on my lap (for moral support), Pierre took the scissors to my hair. I did flinch a little when I saw the inches fall away, but there were no tears. Pierre worked quickly and with precision, and I had total confidence in his skills.

When the time for a blow dry came, I sat back and expected it to take ages; even though my hair was now shorter, there is A LOT of it – many hairdressers have complained that the thickness makes it a nightmare to dry properly. In fact, most have had to resort to the GHD’s after blow-drying, because they can’t quite get it straight enough. Pierre joked as he started that he was the “Master of the blow-dry” and I laughed, waiting for him t be proved wrong…but no. I don’t quite know what he did or how he did it, but within 15 minutes, my hair was dry, bouncy, straight – and not a GHD in sight.

Here are the results. What do you think?

I’ve written many reviews of hairdressers over the years and have liked them all; as ever, on this site, I only write about what I like. Some have been excellent with the cut, but not necessarily the colour. Others do incredible colouring  with all the latest techniques and skill you could find, but have left me a little disappointed with a rushed cut. I think, with Pierre (and Jack) at Leticia Haute Coiffure, I have found the ideal place for a combined cut, colour and blow dry. It really was fantastic.

Clearly, I was highly impressed and would recommend LHC to everyone. As well as working in the salon, Pierre flies off around the world to work on shoots, fashion shows and train in the latest techniques, so he is constantly learning, evolving and keeping up to date with the latest products and trends.

You can find out more about the salon here; and if you really fancy treating yourself, book in for a bespoke salon party with your friends. A proper treat!

So, so impressed. 5 stars from me!

PS: I woke up this morning and my hair is still perfect…soft, bouncy and beautiful. Happy, happy girl.

The Salon can be found at:

61 Chiltern St

020 7935 1770 

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    May 2, 2013 at 5:54 pm

    It is really hard for many women to cut their hair especially if it is really long and they feel like they cannot grow it again. anyway, both are beautiful JJ 🙂

  • Reply
    James Demetrios
    May 13, 2013 at 11:34 am

    You know that they are the dynamic duo of hair and beauty! Plus their dog is very affectionate x

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