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Review: Pure Taste – London’s first Paleo restaurant

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Our Love London contributor, Abbey Pennyfather, is a clean eating, sugar free, grain free, all things naughty free, health mad, Paleo devotee. So what better person to send along to review Pure Taste – London’s first Paleo friendly restaurant? 

Here’s what she thought…

A quick 101 on Paleo if you’re unfamiliar – at its most basic it’s ‘caveman’ eating. Nothing processed, nothing the body finds difficult to digest. This generally means ruling out grains, dairy, sugar, legumes and alcohol for the most saintly.

I was excited by the novelty of a restaurant where I don’t have to scrutinise and analyse every element of the menu for its nutritional content (nobody likes eating out with the person who questions the poor waiter on the molecular structure off their ingredients). So off I went to Pure Taste with high hopes.

I’d heard that booze was absent from the menu, but was welcomed with a glass of Prosecco – a great start! (I’m not completely fun-free, ok) They also had a lovely selection of organic and vegan wines, all of which tasted fab to me.

The Head Chef and owner talked us through every morsel, putting up with puzzled queries as to whether cavemen would ever have eaten Cucumber Granita… she was quick to remind us they’re not recreating Palaeolithic times, but rather translating the nutritional benefits of our ancestor’s diet to our modern plates.

We enjoyed a tasting menu – I usually have an aversion to tasting menus, you get excited about one bite and then the dish has disappeared into the ether – but this one was very nice.

A plump chicken heart balanced on top of a shocking green soup was surprisingly delicious. The squid and salmon starters were too, although they lacked seasoning and were longing for a punch of flavour. It might be worth mentioning here that almost all spices and seasonings are ‘pale friendly’ – no need for bland food! Also I can’t tell if this is because I’m a total salt fiend, but there was no salt on the table to satiate my desire.

The mackerel main was again, a little bland. A steel pan filled with ox cheek and nutty celeriac mash was warming and gooey, the blood orange on top provided a sharp addition to the dish. The lamb was also delicious but I expected the meat to be softer, it needed quite a bit of force on the knife to cut through.

The meal was picking up pace as time went and reached a crescendo when deserts arrived. ‘Cheesecake’ made with fermented cashew nuts was a delight, a crisp shard of dark, bitter chocolate. The Chocolate lava cake was a satisfying pudding with a perfect sphere of ginger ice cream. In fact dessert was the only course, which would have been completely undetectable as ‘diet friendly’.

Overall I would definitely recommend this for anyone with a dietary requirement or an interest in nutrition.

The current menu can be found here.

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Pure Taste London
115 Westbourne Grove
W2 4UP
0207 727 5000

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