Sensational Cinderella….

Cinderella is back people!

Last week, as a Birthday treat for my man, I took him to see Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella. He has only been to see live ballet once, so I decided that his second one should be a real treat. We hopped on the tube to Angel and a short walk later we were sipping mulled wine and starting defrost and it hit me. This is going to be amazeballs.

I have only ever seen Bourne’s Swan Lake before (I cried like a little girl) and I was officially excited. The lights went off, we went quiet and it was show time.

Matthew’s concept of Cinderella has already been performed in the West End 1997 and now it’s back, but totally revised to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Blitz. The Blitz? Yes, you read right. His Cinderella is based in 1940’s London. I know this sounds nuts, however, you need to trust me. It’s magical. I could go on and on about the people behind it – the production, the design…but I am not going to. That you can read in all the technical reviews out there. While I understand it is important to know all this stuff, it is not my intention to go over those details. Instead, I am going to tell you what it felt like.

You remember when you were a child and you believed in fairy tales?

This is how Bourne makes you feel. Like you can believe again. He transports you to a dark and twisted war time scene, adds in Cinderella in a sparkling dress and you believe him. You can’t help it.  He makes you want to believe in strength, determination and beauty. Love defeats all. That’s the point of the story. Sure, there as sparkly shoes involved, an amazing flowing gown (when Cinderella gets lifted in the air, that dress flies with her), some shooting, mean stepsisters, blackouts, tears, laughter and so forth. All of this is evident, but in the end, it’s a simple story about love.

The show looks incredible – it’s a feast for the eyes. There is so much going on, that you get sucked into 1940’s London and live the story with the cast. You scream when the bombs drop and cry at Paddington Station. Mr Bourne uses a lot of film throughout the piece and it really fits in and ties the entire production together perfectly. I could say more about the set, dancers and choreography, but no matter how much I type, I won’t do it justice. It was simply divine.

The show is running at Sadler’s Wells from now until January 23rd, and then it is going on national tour.

I would strongly advice you all to go and feel the magic that is Matthew Bourne’s Cinderella while you can. It is truly beautiful.

Msalonen – a believer.

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