Superb Organic Hair Colour at Karine Jackson, Covent Garden (Review)

You may remember a little while ago, I wrote this post, asking for help and advice on what to do next with my hair.

Many of you answered, which was great – but most of you had different ideas, so I was no closer to making a decision! It was rather flattering though, as you all said it looked nice all sorts of ways…which made me blush.

Anyway. A couple of days later, I made my way through the snowy streets of London (which were almost deserted, due to lots of bunking off work to go tobogganing…) and rosy cheeked and freezing cold, arrived at the Karine Jackson salon in Covent Garden.

Karine Jackson salon Covent Garden, London Hairdresser

I’ve been to the salon for a blow dry before and it really is very nice. Upstairs, it’s an open space with plenty of stations, while downstairs it’s a cute little cavern with the sinks and luxurious little rooms in which to get pampered. There was no time for a massage for me that day though – it was all champagne and hair-cuts. Serious stuff!

Karine and I discussed my options at length, and to help us make the final decision, she held up a swatch chart to my face. Some of the colours were cool shades, and some were warm, and you could instantly see how the reflection changed the tone of my face. It was abundantly clear that warm shades suit me much better, so we went for a mid chocolate brown, with a few subtle panels just one shade lighter, to make my hair shimmer in the light. I liked the idea already.

There are two things that struck me immediately about Karine, and made me like her immensely. Firstly, this lady knows her stuff. An extremely experienced hairdresser, Karine has been doing this for more years than I should mention, and moved over from her native Australia to learn more before opening her own salon. She’s worked on countless TV programmes and fashion shows over the years, and is happy to pass on hints and tips to help make your life (and hair!) easier to manage.

Second, Karine cares about your hair. She made the decision to switch to Organic colours, after working with a cancer patient who quite rightly needed to avoid as many chemicals as possible. So Karine researched and hunted high and low, and eventually found the range of Organic colours she now uses on everyone. They’re just as effective, much less damaging, leave your hair super soft and don’t leave you with that awful chemical smell after use.

Why isn’t everyone using them??

We chatted and laughed while she coloured my hair, then I caught up with all my favourite mags (and that glass of Champagne) while I was left to set. As soon as I saw the colour I absolutely loved it – rich, warm, and super-shiny when it was dry. GORGEOUS!!

Organic Colour at Karine Jackson, Covent Garden, London Hairdresser

Rich glossy colour – the result!

Karine also tidied up both my grown-out fringe and a few pesky layers which had been hacked in by a slightly less experienced hair-dresser, at a salon not-to-be-named (it’s in Maida Vale. I have not found a good one here yet, but feel free to comment below if you know different!). She works quickly and I was ready to go in no time…impressed with cut, colour, salon and of course, Karine herself! The salon is reasonably priced…not nearly as expensive as some other London hairdressers and they often have some great offers, so nothing to complain about at all.

If you care about what you put on your body and are already using organic body products, you should definitely make the switch to organic hair products too. I left it a long time after visiting the salon to write this review, as I wanted to see how the colour lasted, and if it faded more quickly that the chemically enhanced versions I’ve used before. The answer is a resounding no – it’s been a good couple of months and while I do obviously have a small amount of regrowth now peeking through, the colour on my hair is still rich, glossy and vibrant – it hardly seems to have faded at all.

Karine Jackson Hair and Beauty Salon can be found at 24 Litchfield Street, London, WC2H 9NJ (Near The Ivy). Book your appointment or consultation on 020 7836 0300


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