Self Tan Review: Fake Bake Beyond Bronze

Fake Bake : Beyond Bronze Tanning Lotion

What they Say: A self-tanning treatment, with a unique blend of exotic oils, natural ingredients and an added tint for easy application with no streaks. Fake Bake’s Beyond Bronze tanning lotion contains a unique blend of essential oils and natural ingrediants for a moisture enriched self-tanning experience without the streaks. The tinted lotion allows a streak free finish with no pale patches and a flawless finish. New patent-pending technology provides a longer lasting tan by up to 50% and a deeper finish.

What I say: This is good stuff! Being particularly lazy when it comes to applying fiddly lotions like fake tans (that we all know can go streaky) I love the fact that Beyond Bronze has a guide tint that allows you to see exactly where the colour is going. The formula is nice and thick & not necessarily the easiest to rub in but you don’t need to use a whole lot, which means the bottle lasts a while. It’s so easy to use…You can basically slap it on and rub it in at night and after a shower in the morning the colour will be even, gorgeous, and not-too-odd smelling! Applying once gives you a lovely, natural base colour – and with additional applications you can build up the colour for a big night out – safe in the knowledge that it will stay looking natural. The “tan” lasts well for about 3 days and then starts coming off gradually – but if you maintain your skin (exfoliating and moisturising well) you can get it to last much longer. Available from Superdrug at £17.99 and worth the pennies.


Fake Bake : Beyond Bronze Tanning Mousse

What they say: Fake Bake Beyond Bronze Self-Tanning Mousse for the most natural tan beyond the sun! Go Beyond Bronze and experience a combination of special ingredients and new patent technology that promotes a beautiful, dark and long-lasting tan without turning you orange. Rich luxuriant mousse makes application fast and easy. Dries in minutes. Colour guide ensures a smooth streak free application. Great for the face and whole body.

What I say: Don’t bother wasting your money. I’m not sure whether its the thinness of the formula, or whether its made up of completely different ingredients, but this just doesn’t last on me. The mousse glides onto the skin and the initial colour is absolutely fantastic – like I’ve been on a beach for a week. But as soon as I have a shower, it pretty much washes off, leaving just a very faint (if any) difference to my natural colour. So much so, I was convinced it was a wash off tan for a while – but I am assured it is not meant to be. I have tried this numerous times now under various different conditions, but all results have been the same, disappointing. Even more strangely, this is more expensive than the lotion, at £22.49 from Superdrug. Obviously, I can’t say whether or not this would work for you…but it doesn’t for me.


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