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Food and Drink at The Punch Tavern

I think it’s safe to say he was terrified when I informed him we were going out for drinks and dinner with The Girls. He’s met them before of course, and they get on well…but this was the first time I had catapulted him straight into the madness, of just us 3….and him.

Punch Tavern : EC4Y-1DESo, with fear in his eyes and wine in our hearts, we made our way to The Punch Tavern on Fleet Street – to check out the venue we’ve been offering our 25% discount at and meet the team.

First impressions were good…as you walk in you get a great London pub feel. It was busy but not overly so, so the wait at the bar was barely noticable and we were soon sippng away on our wines (Me & The Bestie) and beers (The Boy & The Star). We had reserved a table in advance which as a good move, as the rest of the seating was taken up with after-work drinkers when we arrived at around 6.30pm.

Now, while it’s safe to say us girls like a drink, I’ve been pretty well behaved recently as pain killers and wine clearly are not the best of friends. So by the time we came to order food after a couple of glasses, my lack of practice was showing and a hearty meal was required. Luckily, that’s exactly what we got!

PunchI chose the home made pate for my Starter – and it was delicious – the meaty, earthy flavours left me wanting more. The Bestie chose the salad, which she enjoyed, and the other two opted for the chicken livers, which we all tasted and agreed they made the best choice by far, absolutely delicious!

For mains, I needed a meat feast, so went for the Sirloin steak. OK, so I ordered it medium rare and it came out medium/well, which I’d usually make a bit of a fuss about, but it was still moist and tasty, with big fat chips that were so yummy I polished off the lot. The Beer Battered haddock was great too and The teeny weeny Bestie (who runs 3 restaurants and is exceptionally knowledgeable about foodie stuff) ate it all – although the pea puree was no such thing…more a pea mash.

Overall as a group we rated the food as as 4/5 – pretty damn good for pub grub & we all agreed we would definitely eat there again. The atmosphere however was even better…a great crowd of people having fun and a lot of laughter despite the ran outside. It was great to meet Dave (who isn’t old and fat – sorry mate!) and he and the team looked after us brilliantly.

The Boy held his own without blinking – getting involved in the banter, not batting an eyelid at the wine consumption and getting 2 of the 3 home safely and with minimal fuss. He really is ace. As for the 3rd? She shared a cab back to Hampstead with one of the fabulous guys we chatted to – they’re even meeting up for lunch tomorrow. But no need to rush out and buy a new hat quite yet – she’s found her new Gay Best Friend!

Overall, it was a fantastic night. A big thank you to everyone at The Punch Tavern, staff and punters alike, for making it so much fun. I haven’t laughed that much for ages – making it well worth the sore head this morning.

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