Top Ten Apps for Staying Organised in 2013

Samsung Galaxy S3 (Red only available at Carphone Warehouse)

Recently we wrote about our favourite apps to help you navigate your way through the Christmas madness – and it seems many of you found that useful, which is great. This time, we’re looking more at every day life, and have selected ten of our favourite apps to help you stay organised and on top of things…something we probably all need a little help with!


Evernote is one of the first apps I install on any new phone; plus it’s permanently present on my iPad and laptop too. It’s an organisation and note-taking app that lets you sync whatever notes, links, images or lists you create with your other devices and also with anyone you wish to share with. This is great for creating shared shopping lists with your other half, brainstorming ideas with a colleague or notes with a friend. I find it most useful for keeping track of links, stories and ideas I have for blogging while I’m trawling the internet. It’s fast, compatible with just about every device and free.


I’ve raved about Feedly before. This is a fantastic news reader application which allows you to choose and categorise your news feeds and view them in a slick, modern magazine style format. With swipe scrolling and google reader integration, this is my favourite app ever. I discovered this while on my Android Samsung S3 (get this phone from Carphone Warehouse) and was horrified to discover it’s not yet available on the Windows Phone, as I’ve come to rely on it. iPhone users – you’re in luck. Works great for you too. Plus, it’s free. Download it now!


This is probably my other half’s favourite app ever. Quite simply, if you have a Sky+ account, you can turn your phone into a remote control. Set reminders, record TV…all from the train, or your desk at work. Ideal for all you busy people who never want to miss their favourite show again. Available free on iPhone, Windows Phone and Android.


Another app that helps busy people organise themselves despite their busy schedule. Find out train times for your next meeting, book and pay for tickets (often at a cheaper price) and stay on top of your commute without queuing or being tied to your computer. Available free on Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, Blackberry and Nokia Ovi.


Any.DO is probably the best to-do list app available – and it’s also free. It has a stylish design, simple interface and aids easy organization and syncing between devices. The aim of Any.DO is to organize tasks, but it can also be used to keep track of shopping lists or whatever else you might need to plan. Free and available on Android and iPhone.


I thought by now the whole world was signed up to Dropbox, but apparently no, there are few of you who still don’t know about this genius app. It’s the original cloud storage system, which allows you to upload files, photos or whatever you like to your files, and share them across your devices or with other, nominated people. Dropbox’s free version allows you to store up to 2GB of files – after that you need to either delete some old stuff, or upgrade to the Premium account (billable monthly). Available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone.

Google Drive

Google Drive is another Cloud storage service, which now incorporates Google Docs. Upload your files (even the huge ones) and share your content with others. Great for students and business people who need multiple users to access their files. Free, on all smartphones.


Bump has been around a while now, and saves time when it comes to sharing information with friends, colleagues or even that hot boy you met in that bar (you naughty devil). As long as you both have the app installed, you can simply knock your phones together to share pre-selected information. Brilliantly, it works cross-platform between iOS and Android too. Works on all smartphones.

Noom Weightloss App

This won’t be for everyone, but we came across it and think it’s a fantastic tool for those of you who pledged to lose a few pounds in 2013! Noom acts as a personal weight-loss coach, giving motivational tips, healthy eating info and helping you make better eating and exercise decisions. It’s packed with features, scientifically backed and boasts that 86% of it’s users have lost weight successfully. Currently only available on Android, FREE.

PageoncePageonce finance

 I don’t know about you, but I am not great with finances. I mean – I’m not always hugely overdrawn, but with my different cards, paypal account and cash withdrawals, plus all the online spending, I never quite know where my money is or how much of it I have. Pageonce helps you to manage your spending by syncing all your accounts and letting you track what comes in and out. It also has a nifty bill-paying function, and monitors suspicious activity. They call it a remote control for your money. We call it useful. Available across all smartphones, Free.

Sound helpful? We hope so! We’ve tried to pick a selection that are available on the iPhone and Android phones – which covers the majority of handsets available at the moment. While you’re getting organised – why not get yourself a new smartphone too? You can read our review on three of the most popular models available at the moment, the Nokia Lumia 900, Motorola Razr i and Samsung Galaxy S3 here. All are available at the Carphone Warehouse, who currently have a great sale on. Check it out!

This is a sponsored post. However, we would happily recommend any of the products or companies on this page, sponsored or not!

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