We Love…He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse Self Tan

Regular readers of TLLWTL will know that I love a bit of a tan. Real, fake, whatever, I’m not fussed. But if it is fake, it has to be good. I do not wish to look like I have been bathing in fanta, or like I’ve been involved in some weird mudfight that’s left me covered in unsightly brown streaks. I want to glow, like I’ve been basking on a beach somewhere exotic for a fortnight. Nothing less that this will do.

Now, the problem is, unless you use a fake tan at least once, you don’t know what the results are going to be like. And we get sent a LOT of products to test, so on occasion we have to lock ourselves in the house for a day or too while we scour off the streaks with brillo pads. As always though, we won’t waste our time writing about anything that hasn’t impressed us, and we’ll only rave about the ones we LOVE. So sit back, and prepare for us to rave about He-Shi Dark Foaming Mousse

Here are some of our favourite aspects of the He-Shi mousse:

1. Ease of Use

The consistency of the product is amazing. A light, frothy mousse that you literally glide on with a tanning mitt. There is no obsessive rubbing required, the colour sinks in easily and dries super-fast, leaving no streaks, and coverage is flawless. By far the quickest and easiest self tanning product I’ve used so far.

2. The Colour

Obviously the most important thing. No point in the product being simple to apply if the colour is poor. No worries with that here. The product is called DARK tanning mousse and it really is – I wouldn’t necessarily recommend this if you have exceptionally fair skin as you might get a bit of a shock. However, for regular tanners such as my flatmate and me, it’s absolutely perfect. The product is quite heavily tinted so you can see exactly where it’s being applied, and develops further over the next few hours. The end result is a warm, natural dark and healthy tan. I have been complimented every time I’ve used He-Shi and the man in my life hasn’t once sung the Kia-Ora advert to me, so the colour must be good. If you want a really strong colour, reapply daily and you will look like you’ve just come back from holiday in no time!

3. The Smell

Or lack thereof. I’m not going to lie, it’s not completely scent free (none of the ones I’ve ever used are 100%) but it’s certainly not offensive and much better than most other brands.

4. Staying Power

The colour lasts well for a good few days, and doesn’t go patchy as it wears off, which is nice. I also use the He-Shi exfoliator and moisturiser so these are a big contributing factor in keeping the colour looking great, but so far I have no complaints about the way the colour fades down.

5. Packaging

I’m a sucker for packaging, and I really like the way He-Shi is presented. The boxes are stylish and the information you need is listed clearly. Plus, they have a 3 step process (exfoliate, tan, moisturise) and each product has the step number on the box. A small feature, yes, but I like it!

So that’s what we think. I have been racking my brains for some negatives to make this a balanced review, but to find them I’d genuinely be nit-picking. I suppose I could mention the fact that it’s best to use a barrier cream or use the product sparingly on easily  stained dry areas, such as your elbows, but any fake tanner should know this and it’s the same with every brand. And at £27, it’s not the cheapest on the market. But in this case, I really do think you get what you pay for.

In summary – I think this is my favourite fake tan to date. I’m even thinking of hiding it from my flatmate as I don’t want it to run out!

If you try it, please do let us know your thoughts too, we’d love to know if it works for you too. x


Words by JJ (The Editor)

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