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My Fuzzy Love For A Tiny Island in The Sun…

vedraNow, I love Ibiza. Ridiculous amounts. I try to visit at least 4 times a year, for varying lengths of time and never get bored. How could you? It’s the most spiritual of places, full of beauty and madness and pleasure and calm. I still feel an incredible rush of happiness every time the plane touches down on the tarmac, like a child on the eve of their birthday. I can’t explain it, but it’s a magical, mystical feeling that I crave when I’m not there. I often plan my next trip in the same breath as returning from my last…sometimes even while I’m still there…and wait again for that tingling, happy sensation as I walk through the airport and out into the open air.

I guess I’m an addict. 

I’m not the only one. I know many people who can’t help but return to “The Island” every year, some for the same reasons as me and some in the more hedonistic sense. If there was ever a place with multiple-personality disorder, this would be it – but that’s just one of the many things that makes it so very special. If you haven’t had the chance to visit, I wouldn’t blame you for believing the hype and having a blinkered opinion of Ibiza – seeing it as a party island, full of nothing but drugs and debauchery. If you’ve ever seen on a TV documentary, or read Colin Butts’ infamous and hilarious Is Harry On The Boat? you may have images of revellers falling out of clubs, shouting, swearing, and a lots of sunburnt Brits in vests asking for a Full English in a cafe. And don’t get me wrong, all of this is, unfortunately still there. But luckily, its primarily confined to the West End of San Antonio, and can be avoided without much effort at all.

ibz12I doubt you’ll have heard much about the other side of Ibiza. I’ve been lucky enough to have travelled extensively, and still believe this to be one of the most outstandingly beautiful places on earth. In just a few hours you can discover hidden coves, hippy markets, yoga retreats, millionaires mansions, superclubs, mountain hideaways, lush vegetation, or witness the majesty of Es Vedra, the mystical rock that haunts Ibizas coast. It’s also easy to relax in the shadow of a superyacht in Ibiza Towns marina – laze the days away at one of the many sandy beaches – or take a roadtrip and see some of the “real” Ibiza, then watch one of the famous sunsets…

I’ve spent years exploring, making friends and discovering new treasures on the magical White Isle. Here are some of my favorite places, that I believe are must-see’s and definitely worth a visit. With flight deals starting at a ridiculous £1 at the moment, and accommodation options ranging from the most basic to stunning 5* spa hotels, you really can’t go wrong.


Es Viveoldtown3


Sa Capella

Cafe Sidney


El Divino



Bambuddha Grove


Blue Marlin

Es Vedra


Aguas De Ibiza

People from all walks of life mix well in this happy place. Rich, poor, young, old – look around and you’ll see smiles on everyones faces as they gather at Cafe Mambo on Sunset Strip to drink, eat, dance and watch the sun come down over the ocean. 

It is still the best place to party too – the clubs are open day and night and the worlds greatest DJs fly in to set up residency in superclubs such as Amnesia, Eden and the ever-gorgeous Pacha over the Summer months. Some of the best events are hosted by the crowd with the private villas, or in hidden beach spots that you’ll only know about if you’re lucky enough to be told. I enjoy the opening parties in June and the closings in September, but tend to avoid July and August when the crowds are at their peak. My favourite times are actually off-season, in April, May and October, when things are just warming up (or down) and flights are still cheap. This year, Ibiza also plays hosts to The International Music Summit and Ibiza Rocks 2009. I made it to a few Ibiza Rocks gigs last year and it does exactly what it says on the tin!

For Villa enquiries, contact Villas Ibiza and for flights, try Ryanair, Easyjet or BA.

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