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This Little Lady Returns To The White Isle…2013

Es Vedra Ibiza

Life has been full of ups and downs recently, but in the (paraphrased) words of the legend Peter Andre in his TV show ads…

The best way to cope with life’s ups and down? Focus on all the amazing ups.

Today, things take a sharp swing upwards, as I am off to my favourite place on earth – Ibiza.

My crappy health prevented me from visiting last year, and as always, I’m expecting to see a whole lot has changed since I was last there in 2011. This excites me. One of my favourite things about the White Isle is the constant evolution of this tiny island,  that holds so many memories (and a few lost ones) and means so much to so many.

You may notice that I’m going a little early this year. I’m well aware that the season hasn’t officially kicked into gear yet, and that’s just how I wanted it. I’m taking JW out there for his first ever trip, and want to concentrate on the beauty, the beaches, the atmosphere, the hippie vibes and the friends I’ve made out there. I’m on a mission to discover the best of Ibiza 2013…so I can bring it all back and share it with you, you lucky things.

I’m staying in a hotel I’ve never been too before (booked on Expedia months ago, pay nothing until you arrive and could cancel up to the day – great deal) on my favourite side of the island, and I am quite literally itching to get on the plane. I’m flying with Easyjet from Gatwick…like I almost always do…and that’s probably my first top tip. If you’re heading out to the island and want to get there on time – avoid Ryanair!

I plan to do…well…not a lot really, except take in the views, visit Es Vedra, hang out at Blue Marlin, catch up with friends at Plastik and Es Vive to gather up their top-tips for the year and hopefully – weather permitting – sunbathe a bit.

My travel tips for Ibiza from 2011 are here, but I’ll sure to write an updated piece when I return, with up to the minute information on the best bars, clubs, hotels, restaurants, beaches, hippie markets and views to help you make the most of your visit if you’re going this year.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it a million times more. Please don’t ever write off Ibiza as a destination before you visit. If you love clubbing – you’ll love it – but there’s SO much more to this tiny island than that. It’s full of beauty, peace, history and an incredible vibe that I’ve never found anywhere else so far.

I adore it. I can’t wait to land.

Maybe this time, I’ll stay?


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