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The Quiet City: Paris in Winter

I almost always write about London. It’s the city I live in; the city I love.

But, if cities were people, and London was my best friend and partner in crime, Paris would be an older cousin I’ve always admired. I adore it. I visit as often as I can, and I share some fond memories with it’s walls and it’s streets – yet I’ll never share a close enough bond with it. Paris is romantic, alluring, mysterious and yet to me, always a little aloof and uncaring.

I’m not sure Paris could ever have the hold on me that London has – but I truly believe it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world to visit. My most recent trip, last November, was my first with a boyfriend and helped me see it in a different light; the same light that has helped so many other lovers fall deeply in love. Somehow, the chill in the air that made us hold each other close, and the grey skies that were only sometime punctured by rays of light made the streets even more atmospheric. I like Paris, but I loved Paris in the winter, which is why I had to share this stunning video I just found.

The Quiet City: Winter in Paris

from Andrew Julian

Gorgeous. GORGEOUS.



If that has tempted you to visit Paris, check out some last minute Eurostar deals here. I’m considering a return!

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