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The Tube to Stay Open 24hrs at Weekends…

In news announced by TFL and London’s best ever Mayor today, the tube is set to stay open 24 hours a day at weekends (by 2015). This is brilliant for anyone who likes to stay out later than about midnight, without having to battle with ridiculously expensive cabs to get across town.

Initially, the extended hours will roll out across Piccadilly, Victoria, Central and Jubilee lines, and part of the Northern line. The underground WiFi coverage will also be extended, and the multi-million pound improvements to the tube network will also continue.

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The London Underground is aiming to have a “21st-century tube service” which is great – but is also leading to around 750 job cuts, as they close ALL ticket offices across the network. This will save the network around £50million a year. No small change.

The closures are going to lead to uproar among workers and unions; and commuters are probably going to get caught in the crossfire in the meantime. But let’s look at the positives. In 18 months or so…we will be able to stay out all night at the weekends and know we will have a safe (and relatively cheap) way to get home.

YAY Boris!

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