Inspired: Meet Dr Beatrice Howard, Scientist and Breast Cancer Survivor

Dr Beatrice Howard Breakthrough Breast Cancer

M&S have a long standing partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer. They’ve been working with Dr. Beatrice Howard – a Scientist who is not only working with Breakthrough to find a cure for cancer – but was also diagnosed with Breast Cancer herself.

Her story is both interesting and inspirational. Take a look for yourself.

As ever, Love London is a huge supporter of anything, and anyone, looking to help Cancer fighters and survivors. We think Dr Beatrice Howard is awesome.

Marks and Spencer’s post surgery lingerie range is perfect for anyone wanting to feel confident and look their best, as it contains hidden prosthesis pockets for a flattering natural shape. It’s been designed in partnership with Breakthrough Breast Cancer to help achieve the most comfortable and flattering shape possible.

I hate cancer. HATE it. But I love people like Dr Beatrice Howard, and the teams at M&S and Breakthrough for helping more and more people everyday.
Please do share this video with anyone you think needs to see it and help #kickcancer together, sooner. (We’ve made it easy for you,  just click here to send a tweet (editable))
(Yes, this is sponsored content, but as ever, we would have happily have shared it anyway. We don’t post anything we don’t believe in, and we believe in this) x

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