A lovely bit of brunch at Cafe Route, Dalston

Looking for brunch destination inspiration this weekend? Take yourselves to Cafe Route in Dalston Square – a Love London regular and firm favourite. Open 7am to 11pm, seven days a week, the cafe is run by a husband-and-wife team and offers everything from Turkish Kurdish cuisine to full English brunches, artisan breads and burgers.

Drawing inspiration from the Middle East and Mediterranean, the food is reliably excellent (try the Ana Capri) and the Monmouth coffee, is spot on. Better yet,  the staff are attentive, quick and super friendly, without being in your face.

Another big plus is the vibrant decor – bunches of dried chillies and garlic bulbs hang amongst a mish-mash of gorgeous tiles and bricks. And the shelves are stacked with cute little morsels and pantry produce you can buy and take away. At the heart of the cafe is the amazing salad and deli counter that serves the most inspired salads and finest quality sourced charcuteries.

Expect a short wait for a table – there’s usually a gaggle of Dalston hipsters waiting to get in – but it’s fun looking at their clothes.

0207 249 6202
Unit A Gaumont Tower,
Dalston Square,
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