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Ruth XO Ruth Ridgeway
Fashion Lifestyle London

I Met This Girl….

I meet a lot of people in my life. Some fade in and drift out, barely creating a memory. Others, arrive with a resounding BOOM…landing on the scene in a rainbow of colour with a Rolling Stones soundtrack; changing my path and…

Fashion Lifestyle London

The Wonderbra’s still got it

The Wonderbra – a name synonymous with epic cleavage and gravity-defying uplift. Cast you mind back to when they first burst into our lives in the 90s. Girls with small boobs around the world rejoiced and boys around the world lost their shit. Remember…

Interiors London

I have this thing with plants

I’m well aware I sound old, but I’ve got this major thing about indoor plants. I just cannot stop buying them, it’s a problem. I have about 20 in my front room right now –  it’s a bloody greenhouse. What’s…