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5 Reasons Your Smartphone is your Best Friend in London

If you’ve seen anything at all related to the tech world on Twitter today, you’ll have seen that there’s a bit of a buzz going around about the launch of the new P9 smartphone from Huawei. Not only is the phone gorgeous and super-high spec (camera lenses from Leica – need I say more?) but they had Superman fittie Henry Cavill bigging it up for them. Money well spent, in my (slightly pervy) eyes.

I have had an older Huawei device for a little while now, the Honor 6, and honestly, it has the best camera of any phone I’ve ever used (even pro-Photographers have been impressed with the quality of the images). So I’m already a little bit of a fan girl. But with experts saying that Samsung need to keep a very close eye on the Chinese phone manufacturer, Huawei look to be one of the biggest (and most surprising) players in the mobile game over the next few years.

Anyway. We all know that these days, whether it’s a good thing or bad (it’s bad), we’re all pretty much glued to our smartphones. Whether it’s for calls (really? So 2013), texts, emails or apps, we really would be lost without them. They are basically like the entire world, sitting in your pocket. Whatever you need, from productivity at work to help in the gym to life organisation (that’s me, right there), your phone can help with it all.

Here are 5 ways your phone can be your best asset in London:

Learn on the go

You can use your smartphone to listen to Podcasts, audio books and classes on almost any subject today. Why not choose a subject you’d like to learn more about, either personally or professionally and download a class about it? You can listen to the info on your way to and from work.


Because we all need a soundtrack, obvs!

Get yourself organized

Like having a personal assistant on your phone, apps like 24me combine your calendar, notes and to do list to generate reminders from friends birthdays to when to pay bills and schedule appointments. If you need to take the pressure off and schedule some reminders, we suggest this app.

Boost your fitness

There are no more excuses for not hitting the gym now that apps like gymaholic are available. A comprehensive workout aid for those who commit plenty of time to the weights room. The library of exercises can be used in a set of workout plans for all abilities, or you can build your own custom routine.

Free, pro £2.99, App Store,

2_28Multi tasking

When you need to do several things at once and the deadline was yesterday, you need a smartphone that can handle multitasking without a drop in performance. The Mate 8 smartphone from Huawei does just that and even has business card scanning technology that adds people to your contacts list just from scanning their business card, which makes it the perfect phone for busy professionals.

(By the way, Gizmodo recently said 

“I’ve Never Known Battery Life Like This Before” and “If only all smartphones were like this.”

when talking about the Huawei Mate 8, and they tend to know what they’re talking about. The Mate book device is also well worth checking out)

For a full range of Huawei products, including the stunning Mate 8 and the sexy new P9, take a look here. If you haven’y heard of them yet? You’ll be pleasantly surprised!

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    Teresia Bibbins  
    April 13, 2016 at 9:01 am

    I think that the smartphone is everyone’s best friend wherever you live 🙂

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