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Want The Best Hair Colour In London? I Know Where To Go…

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Looking back through old photographs of me online, it seems I’ve never kept the same hair colour for more than six months. Blonde, brown, dark brown, bronde (yes, it’s a thing), ombre, sombre (also a thing) and almost black. Some I’ve loved, some I’ve hated – mostly I’ve changed simply because I’m bored. But, whatever colour I am, if I want a major hair change there’s only one place I’ll go. FOUR London on Conduit Street – about as central as you can get.

Last week, when I wanted to change my kind of blonde, half-head of highlights look to a brighter, more consistent and all-round classier blonde, I knew I had to book a visit with the FOUR team. They have taken me from blonde to dark and back again with apparent ease in the past so didn’t think this would be much of a challenge.

I always get a little bit excited when I’m booked in to the FOUR salon, as it’s a really relaxed, beautiful space where you can just bliss out for a while. I arrived and after a few minutes wait was taken up to see Danielle, who understood immediately what I was going for, identified the bits I didn’t like without me having to tell her and recommended exactly what I was about to show her a photo of.

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After decades of numerous hair disasters, meeting a new stylist who knows what they’re talking about is a thing of joy.

Now. I feel like I need to send a little apology to Danielle here – as I have LOADS of hair. And when I say loads? I mean about 3 hours of foils worth. This is not fun for anybody, but after a test-light to determine the result, Danielle assured me she found it kind of therapeutic (I suspected a fib) and got through it like a trooper.

As I was “getting foiled” I was listening to the consultations happening around me and I have to say, it really made me happy. Everything from root touch ups to complete changes were being discussed, and the lady next to me was so excited about the impending changes to lift her colour and make her look younger, I almost wanted to give her a hug.

That’s the thing about FOUR. They’re experts, and they really do know what they’re talking about when it comes to colour more than any other salon I’ve come across. They’ll advise you if you need a simple set of highlights a few tones different to those you’ve already have, or recommend something more intense that will change the way you look, and feel, for the better. They handle colour changes on a daily basis, strip out colours done elsewhere that are truly horrendous and look after many celebrities who trust them with their looks – so you know you’re in good hands.

I was blown away by the colour Danielle achieved on me. Bright, creamy blonde, with no elements of brash or trash, that looks natural and classy. Sarah blow-dried it to perfection and I walked back to the tube step positively bouncing, I was so confident and happy with my new look. If you check out my instagram you can see a little video of the transformation, but here are a few shots of how it looks now. I’ve had the London Lifestyle Awards and a photo shoot since it’s been done and I felt on top of the world at both…and received lots of compliments on my new look…which is always nice!

As always, I highly recommend the team at FOUR London. Both Jennie and Danielle have helped me achieve perfect colour now – but I know they’re all top of their game. If you are looking for a colour change, or just a subtle upgrade to your current look in time for Christmas, book in quick as these guys are fantastic.

As for me? I plan to stay this colour for a while. I LOVE it!

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