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Kim Kardashian West loves Boohoo…

Love them or hate them, you cannot avoid the Kardashians.

Personally, I think the KK phenomenon is nothing short of amazing – in the, .I’m amazed that one family have done so incredibly well from, errrm, nothing much actually’, kind of way. I’m not knocking them, though. I don’t begrudge any woman’s success, and there is no doubt at all when it comes to Kim and co…they’re successful.

So. When Kim Kardashian posts something on her website, the internet explodes and stock plummets. So, seeing as today she’s posted about none other than Boohoo, I’m surprised their site hasn’t crashed. Yep, that’s right, squillionaire Kim Kardashian West is a fan of good old budget friendly Boohoo…and in particular, this jacket.

Emilia Wool Look MA1 Bomber Jacket

Kim Kardashian West Boohoo Jacket

And here’s the evidence.

The jacket is actually pretty cool and for £40 you can’t argue with the price. Just one piece of advice for you. If you like it, get in quick. With millions of fans across every social platform and no doubt millions of website viewers a day, I doubt it will stay in stock long!

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