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What I (Wish I) Wore….

What I wish I wore

Last night, I rediscovered Pinterest, and like a bit of a maniac, I must have sat there for an hour, repinning and liking posts from friends and connections and lusting over other Bloggers style.

I also took a look through all my old boards (I was a different person 3 years ago, it seems) and came across this board, of a feature I used to run on this site (when we were What I Wish I Wore.

The feature was of course inspired by Poppy Dinsey’s original WIWT blog, which has inspired millions of fashionable (and questionable) Outfir Du Jour posts around the world. But it had a little twist. Because it wasn’t the clothes I was wearing. Oh no. Seeing as I was often laid up in bed struggling with fibromyalgia or CFS, that would have been AWFUL (unless you have a penchant for tracksuit bottoms or pyjamas, of course). It was the clothes I WISHED I could wear, given unlimited budget, and places to go.

I loved doing these style posts, and showing a little bit of my own personal fashion sense through the outfits I put together. While I’m now happily NOT bedridden, I still don’t have a bank account that likes me (hurry up with that please Universe), so I thought I’d restart our #WIWIWT series and post up some new looks. I hope you like them as much as I do! Feedback always welcome, of course.

So. Today’s #WIWIW is based on yesterday’s weird weather (as today I’m home looking after a sick bubba). An important yet laid back meeting at an uber-cool venue in Notting Hill about our next Blogger Event. And this is what I wish I wore…

What I wish I wore

Jeans | Cashmere Sweatshirt | Shoes | Bag 

THOSE SHOES THOUGH! Too much love.

Obviously I think this outfit rocks…but what do you think? Let me know on twitter, facebook, or in the comments below. I love hearing from you x

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