Banish Bad Hair Days…

I can honestly say I never thought I’d take time out of my life to talk about hairbrushes.

To me, hairbrushes have always been something I use to…well…brush my hair. And occasionally belt out  an awful rendition of “I think we’re alone now” into after a glass or two of wine. But, no, I’ve definitely never thought of them as newsworthy….

…until now.

You see, a couple of weeks ago I received a package. This isn’t unusual in itself, as I get parcels most days, but when I opened it to find 4 rather hefty looking hairbrushes, I wondered if I’d shopping in a drug induced haze again. Believe me, it wouldn’t be the first time random purchases have arrived after a heavy night on medication and no sleep – damn those bloody infommercials.

Thankfully though, these particular items had been sent to me thanks to the lovely people at Goody. And when I say thankfully, I mean it. My hair has NEVER been so shiny and looked so good. And that’s no exaggeration – even The Boy commented on the glossiness of my brunette locks. This, I can promise you, is a big deal.

There were 3 brushes in total, and 1 detangling comb. The brushes are all clearly marked so you can see when/what they should be used for;

  1. Start
  2. Style
  3. Finish

Easy. I won’t bore you too much with hairbrush details, but quite simply;

Hairbrush 1 was a pretty normal looking vent brush, with a gel handle. The ceramic bristles handily heat up whilst pointing the hairdryer at them, making hair quicker to dry. I have to say this was perfect – blow-drying my hair usually hurts my back, so the shorter drying time really did make the whole job easier – and great if you’re in a hurry

Number 2 was a round, bristle and ceramic styling brush. It has a non slip handle and was fab for putting some volume in at the roots. Not as easy for me to do on own, but a fab styling tool and I did get on fine with it for a few minutes until the back ache kicked in!

Number 3 was probably my favourite, and in my (not very expert) opinion is the reason for my super shiny and frizz free hair. Its a cute looking paddle brush, which seriously smoothed my hair and left it looking fabulous, with a little help from my straighteners!

I know it seems a strange thing to recommend but I genuinely would tell my friends about these brushes. A bad workman certainly wouldn’t be blaming his tools with these pieces of kit! If you want to banish all those bad hair days – get yourself some Goody’s today –  there are lots to choose from – and I say they’re well worth the dosh.


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