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A Floating Gin Bar in London? Loving the Cut of your Jib…

Gin is marvelous.

Like, truly. It’s delicious, refreshing, and results in no hangover. Plus, there’s only 59 calories in a slimline G&T. So it’s one of the best drinks around for your waistline. Better still? If you manage to get your hands on Collagin, it can help make you look younger, too.


I rest my case.

Imagine my joy, then, at the news that there is a floating gin bar coming to London. And it sounds awesome. On 10th June, to celebrate World Gin Day, Lockhouse and Paddington’s Merchant Square have teamed up to launch the Botanical Bar, as part of  the ‘Floating Pocket Park’ which opened last week.

The pop-up bar will then be open every Thursday and Friday until August 19th, from 12pm – 9pm.

Along with amazing, original cocktails, the Botanical Bar will offer gin-tasting sessions and cocktail making masterclasses. To find out more, visit the website, see Facebook or follow on Twitter.

I’ll see you there!

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