Christmas and New Year Entertainment Ideas…

It’s that time again, when everyone around you is asking what you’ll be up to for Christmas Eve, where you’ll be partying on New Years, and if you’re me, you look at them blankly and say with all honesty, I have absolutely NO idea.

These occasions fill me with dread. With so many fabulous places in London, how do you decide which establishment to visit? There’s so much to consider; transport, atmosphere, value for money…the list goes on.

So to make the decisions a teeny bit easier, we thought we’d put together a little list of suggestions for you. We’ve tried to cover something for just about everyone – from girlie nights to couples and even some that are suitable if you have family members or kids. You can find everything over on our events pages. Please do comment below and let us know where you’re planning to be too…we’d love to hear some more ideas and find out about what you’re all getting up to!

Happy Christmas xxx

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