David Beckham joins Paris Saint Germain…(and donates salary to charity)

David Beckham During Mercedes-Benz NY Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2013 - Front Row

This post was originally featured on our old site,, and was about David Beckham being left out of the Team GB Olympic Squad. Sadness.

Someone just mentioned to me that the (lovely) images had been lost in the transfer to the new site, and clearly, we couldn’t be having that.

So here we are. An updated post to honour the fact that soccer’s hottest star is also a little bit of a hero…

He signed for French football team PSG this week, and instead of pocketing the cash, is donating his salary to charity instead. What a guy.

And what abs!

I know, I know.

God bless Beckham, in all his glory.

Goodness…I like writing these #pervposts.

And look. Because I love you (and he is FIT…) here’s a rather saucy video  of our Becks, directed by Guy Ritchie.

Comments below are more than welcome….

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