David Gandy Book Signing at One New Change…

(Reblogged with new images. Originally posted on TLLWTL in September 2011)

There is no need for me to write this post. No need at all. I just saw it as a lovely excuse to post some semi naked pictures of the beautiful D&G model, David Gandy, to be honest. And I’ve had a bad day, so I’m allowed.

Woof. Yes, I know. Sorry where was I?


The point of this marvellous post is actually to tell you that the Man-God himself will be signing copies of his new book at One New Change this Sunday. You can see him up close and everything. Probably best not to touch though. You (I) might get arrested.

Searcy’s Champagne Bar (which I love, funnily enough) are also offering a £10 brunch to celebrate David’s handsomeness…which includes coffee, a sandwich and a Bellini. Yum.

And now , in case you missed it…a little reminder of the main event. Double Yum.

Image Credits: I have no rights over any of these pictures. I didn’t take them and in most cases have no idea who did. They’re just very pretty, aren’t they?

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