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Get lean and strong with Reformer Pilates

I’ve never really loved exercise. I mean, I force myself to do it, but if someone offers me a wine, or there’s something good on Netflix – the exercise is dumped.

So for me to find something that I actually enjoy and look forward to is pretty miraculous. And I have – Reformer Pilates. I used to think it was one of those faddy, overly expensive things with scary looking machines, but it appears I was mistaken. The studio I’ve been frequenting *ahem* 3 times a week (Yes. I’ve become that girl) is in the heart of Brentwood High Street in TOWIE land. In fact, Samantha Faiers herself has even been known to frequent it.

And if that’s not enough to tickle your pickle, here’s some more reasons why I love it.

  • Any kind of exercise you can do lying on your back has my vote*
    *Ok, it’s not ALL on your back.
  • It’s actually not scary at all and quite easy to get the knack of it
  • There’s a variety of classes including ballet-pilates
  • Improves core strength and gives you a whole body workout
  • Low impact sport prevents injury
  • Resets and realigns posture after sitting at a desk all day
  • Prevents those little back aches and niggles
  • Helps you wind down and de-stress

Give it a whirl here:

Contour Pilates

First floor
113-115 high street
Brentwood, CM14 4RX

Other London based Reformer Pilates studios:


Tempo Pilates



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