You purchase a £10 ticket from Time Out offers for a theatre show, fully aware that it sounds too good to be true. Yet Heartbreak Hotel at The Jetty is simply one of those awesome finds.

The set up is simple; immersive theatre (loads of them around at the moment!) set in a dilapidated hotel where you are a fly on the wall (and ceiling) of the hotel rooms witnessing the different heart ache scenarios. It is created using shipping containers and some very clever layouts and set design. Well done that team.

Without giving too much away, you are thrown head first into various high emotions, very private situations. As the audience, we are members of the new ACHE programme, set up to help those unlucky in love. The whole experience lasts about an hour and half, you then can take advantage of the on-site BBQ, cocktail bar and awesome riverside views of the Docklands area. I can’t tell you enough how incredible the experience was, I found myself fully engrossed in each scenario and just wanted so much more. Was actually pretty sad when it ended!

Now the bad news, it is only on till Sunday – yes this Sunday 27th September! So quick head on over to where you can nab the remaining £10 tickets and check yourself into the Heartbreak Hotel. You won’t be disappointed, unless well, you don’t manage to get tickets of course.

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