Late Night Burger Bargains from BRGR.CO

BRGR.COI don’t eat kebabs or Mc Donalds. Ever. EVER. My friends can vouch for this fact. However, it doesn’t mean I am exempt from late night cravings like the rest of you after a night at the pub in town. I usually come home and cook (not very quietly) after a few drinks, as it seems like a better option than the currently available alternatives. Here I have to apologise to my flatmate who said to me the other day “pleeease don’t cook when you come home pissed you always wake me up!”. (Sorry Joey).

So, imagine my delight (and his) when I discovered that BRGR.CO in Soho are doing late night burgers now! You may have read just how much we loved BRGR.CO Soho when we visited a few months ago, but now they have launched a brilliant late night deal that I had to share with you. Between 10pm – 1am, you can get one of their tasty burgers, some fries and a beer for just 10 quid!!

Even better, tweet @BRGRCOSOHO with your favourite £10 London finds using the hash tag #yoursforatenner and you might be in with a chance of winning one of their late night meals absolutely free. Enjoy!

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