Let’s Take The Drama Out of Dating, Shall We?

One of my favourite past-times of the moment is listening to my friend’s dating disasters. Not because I’m evil. But because, well, dating apps and sites have made it all so complicated, haven’t they?

From the utter ridiculousness of the swipey app (see an excellent post on that here) to the endless form filling-in of others sites, it’s all such a horrendous waste of valuable time. Aside from one lovely man who is still lurking in my facebook friends, I’ve never found a meaningful connection on a dating site. And although sure, I have a couple of friends who have struck lucky and met “the one” online, it’s definitely the exception, rather than the rule.

So…Let’s take the drama out of dating shall we? And go back to making online dating FUN – like it’s meant to be.

Instead of wasting endless hours (and I mean hours) chatting back and forth and trying to figure out what each message means, arranging a time to meet up and the anxiety that comes with hoping he looks like his pics, or that you look like yours! (filtered pics? Us?) What if there was a way you could actually go on a first date without all the endless back and forth?

Well, now there is. Rendeevoo is a new dating app especially designed for busy people. It’s simple really, you find someone you like and then arrange to meet at one of the apps pre-slected (cool) bars and pay for the first round of drinks. You don’t waste hours chatting, you bypass all the “who pays?” malarkie and actually get to meet someone for a date.

You might love them. You might hate them. But my goodness, it’ll be a fun story to tell your friends.


I’ve been invited to try it out…but am not in a position where it would be allowed (!) right now…but I will be arranging one of the team to be our Love London Guinea Pig ASAP.

If you like the sound of it, like we do, check it out here. And get on with some fun!

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