The Perfect Wedding Outfit…by Msalonen


How many weddings have you already attended this summer? 2? 5? 7? More?

Weddings are tricky, especially if you are single. You need to look your best, but not to out-do the bride.

Hell with it, if the bride doesn’t have the good sense to be out-do-able, then she deserves it (cheap bride = nasty bride).

I have upset few brides in my time, most recently I attended a wedding in Australia. I wore a knock-out outfit and ended up smoking in the sunshine, wearing YSL and Chanel…only to be stared at by the bride as she figured that my outfit actually cost more than hers. Ooops.

Anyway, moving on. I think you should never skimp on wedding outfits. Make yourself known, take your stand. You may not be getting married, but damn you look HAWT!

SPEND: D&G strapless silk-satin dress £1,490
Hello YELLOW! This print screams childhood memories. Mama Salonen used to wear a canary yellow pencil skirt with black polka dots. It was the late 80’s and she had big hair. This is why I walk funny when walking up the stairs. Always used to see her struggle and go up side ways. Now, that’s what I do. Fool!

Anyway, this dress is spot (pardon the pun) on. Seriously. Uber cool. Screams fierceness. Screams everything and anything. Wear it with high ponytail, smoky eyes, red nails and plenty of attitude.

SAVE: Maje silk wrap mini dress £175
The best dress under £200 without a doubt. Strong shoulders, strong color. You will not be dancing on your own with this baby on.

I know it’s a little “out there”. But if you are going to attend a wedding, you might as well do it properly. (Just realized that both of the dresses that I picked are short and show-off, oh well. Work it, or stay home.)

SPEND: Christian Louboutin Big Lips Heels £475

Oooooooh. Pretty shoes. Pretty shoes. Come-f##k-me heels, even. Loving the new CL’s. The heel is just divine. Plus the dress gets all the attention, so you need simple shoes. Nothing says “simple” in my world as Big Lips Pumps.

Amazingness dipped in sugar water.

SAVE: Rosa heels by TopShop £70
I am not a big fan of cheap shoes. These babies however will keep you dancing all night. (This outfit is becoming GaGa, not sure if that’s a good thing. UGH!)

Ornaments are in. Always. Write this down, you heard it here first. Fancy shoes go a long way when its 5.30am and you are being tongued by the Greek Best man.

SPEND: Christian Louboutin Lady Butterfly £495

Mariah Carey has destroyed my love for butterflies. Even since that hideous butterfly top she wore, that barely covered the two toddlers in her chest, I haven’t been able to see butterflies as beautiful. I will blame MC for this forever. This clutch though, gorgeous.

Loving the bow. What a jazzy little number.

SAVE:  Two way Sequin Box Bag £28

As the entire outfit is now a bit Stefani, we might as well add some sequins into the mix. Come to think of it, this “save” outfit is becoming more and more NOT a wedding outfit, but a outfit you would put on for a night out in Liverpool. The shame. I could just really change the dress, or the theme of this post, but I wanted to do wedding and I adore the pink dress. What to do?

Let’s just say this is my take on a slutty wedding dressing. There! Sorted! Deal with it.

Now I was going to do a little wrap, or bolero for both, but then decided that it doesn’t need it.

So. Are we all up for a night out in Liverpool?

I am not coming for obvious reasons, I’ve got the legs to rock it in Liverpool, but my cupsize is a lot less than double D. Not a big fan of fake tan either (anymore), nor sparkles. #Fail on my part, clearly.

For the second part of my column this week, I am thinking about scouring some shops in central London to discover what they have to offer right now. I need to find a digital camera first. Please send me money, so I can buy one and then write about the lovely things I find.

Thank you kindly.

StyleMaster, Msalonen (

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  • Reply
    Helen Attia
    July 29, 2010 at 3:57 pm

    Ohmygoodness I need the D&G dress in my life, look at it, but I have no weddings to go to right now… lemme me see, need another justification.

  • Reply
    July 30, 2010 at 10:22 am

    LOL! That dress is SO multifunctional, wear it for breakfast! 🙂

  • Reply
    July 30, 2010 at 10:45 pm

    That Maje dress is made for me!!!!!

    We know this.

    I do not care for weddings. Boring day, all about the bride & “Seriously, ‘that’ was her dream dress? Really? THAT was the best dress she could find???”

    The Maje dress is essential in order to detract from the bride. You chose perfectly. Now have it sent over. xx

  • Reply
    August 2, 2010 at 5:26 pm

    Dolly, my dear. The dress will be sent over as soon as it is back in stock. UGH! x

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