#PERVPOST: Jason Lewis..The Absolute Hunk!

Remember Smith from Sex and the City? How could anyone forget?! As soon as I set eyes on Jason Lewis’ character I was smitten! He was such an enigmatic character and finally melted the ice queen Samantha – or perhaps it was just the fact he was naked in just about every episode? Either way he was HOT!

Like any good man he’s just gets better with age. Getting rid of those surfer locks has sent his sex appeal soaring. As if looks aren’t enough, he then jumped in to a ravine to save a friends Chihuahua from drowning. He just gets hotter! That’s enough boxes ticked though right?

Wrong. In a “swoon” moment that only Ryan Gosling could match, Lewis then saved the life of a female Kite Surfer! So why aren’t we seeing more of him?

After a few raunchy ad campaigns, he seems to have blown off the radar which is an absolute travesty. If you want to catch some more of him, he guest starred in a lot of Brothers and Sisters episodes (really good series by the way) and had fleeting roles in; House, 90210, CSI: Miami, Charmed. It seems he’s focusing on modelling jobs at the moment but hopefully it won’t be long until he is back on our screens. For now though, these should lead your mind astray for a moment or two:



(As usual, we don’t own any of these images (of course). This post is just our amusement.)

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