Vikki Chowney, Camilla Brown (Manifest), Lily Pickard (Focus PR), James (Mission PR), Muireann (, Cate ( and JJ (TLLWTL)

So last night saw This Little Lady’s first ever panel and networking event – and thanks to an incredible venue (@VinopolisLondon), a great team of panelists (@bangsandabun, @cupcate, @jameslacey, @focuspr and @girlterate), a perfect host (@vikkichowney) and a FABULOUS turn out of guests, I’m pleased to say it went rather well (with over 380 tweets in the last 24 hours using the #PRBloggerEvent hashtag. Amazing).

The event was aimed at helping PR’s and Bloggers understand how to work better together. Points raised included;

  • How to build long standing relationships
  • The importance of research
  • Why working with Bloggers can have different benefits to working with traditional Journalists
  • Whether “numbers” are more important than content and influence
  • The need for PRO’s to educate Clients
  • Should Bloggers be Paid?

There were certain points that both the Bloggers and PRO’s agreed on – and others that divided us. The “paid for blog” issue was certainly contentious with both the audience and the panel, with a completely divided room – this was already on our agenda for a future event, but last night illustrated just how much this needs to be discussed. Watch this space for details on when that will be going ahead…

Our gorgeous audience…

We are taking notes on your feedback and understand that not every question could be answered and potentially we didn’t go into as extensive detail as you’d have liked on certain points. Time was limited but we will be sure to try and act on your feedback for future events. If you did attend and would like to give me any notes please do – would love to hear from you and welcome constructive criticism!

Finally, I would like to extend a HUGE thank you to our panelists (I love you, you feisty bunch), and our Sponsors, including;

Plus a special mention to Marie Curie, who will be receiving the proceeds from the event which will go to help lots of people who need it most.

As mentioned, we will be running future events with a similar format on a variety of topics. The next one will be regarding the PR role in Social Media (another hot topic), followed by the BIG paid for blog debate.

We hope to see many of you who came along yesterday again, and many new faces who couldn’t make it last night.

Much love!

JJ x

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    Michael C.
    December 11, 2011 at 11:42 am

    Hi JJ. How far in advance are you likely to be announcing future events? Best 😉

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