Shop of the week REISS!…by Msalonen

I have been REISSed. I walked into the shop on Long Acre (I believe) and was totally amazed.

I already spotted a dress there few weeks back, which I wrote about as you would know since you all read my posts religiously, right?

The shop in Covent Garden isn’t huge by any standard, but it does give a great first impression. There was a very smiley girl cheering hello’s as I walked in.

I explained that I was just going to look around (obviously not telling her my REAL mission). I have noticed that if I do tell them about the actual reason why I am there, then the ass-kissing starts. As much as I like my ass kissed, doing it on the floor at REISS is NOT a good idea. Quote me if you like.

I am all for browsing shops, its time consuming and hard work (especially when there are a lot of people around, more so when women with buggies are around). Seriously, why would you go shopping with a child in a buggy? This confuses me. Surely shopping would be a much nicer experience if you didn’t have a screaming, wet, smelly kids around you? Surely?

You always see these very tired and cranky looking women with their buggies. The kid is always moody, some chocolate stains all over its face (as all that sugar is really going to help keeping the rugrat in order), the woman is sweating, clutching her purchases, trying to fit the buggy in the changing rooms and creating havoc all around. Miserable. Please, leave your kids at home when shopping. Most of you have the common sense to do this when you visit the high end shops, but still insist on bringing the muggles to the high street. I hate the high street most days anyway, but with kids around I am ready to put a bullet in my head. Of course, if you have to buy clothes for the kid, then fine. Take them with, but then visit Baby Gap and go home asap. Thanks.

What impressed me most about REISS is that their new selection is pretty damn spot on. Perfect Autumn gear. They have a great selection of dresses, both for work (in black, greys etc) and for party, this fuchsia pink dress is blowing my mind at this current moment.

I had a little mini snooze on their knitwear table, the softest sweaters I have felt against my cheek in a while. Great shapes and colors. REISS do tailoring like no other high street brand.

Suits, jackets, skirts, trousers, it’s all there. Definitely the place to look for work gear.

Shoe wise, I think they could do even more. Their selection is pretty extensive, boots, flats (ugh), block heels, pumps etc. Most of which are on trend and good prices (I don’t “do” cheap shoes, remember). However, I do feel that some of them look a little “try hard”. Its awesome that they are trying new looks and being innovative, but on some pairs..doesn’t work.

I oooed over their bags and jewellery, I tried on a jumpsuit (I looked like Tyra), put their denim through my vigorous testing and all and I must admit, REISS is really quite brilliant in what they do. Its nice that we have a brand between Zara and YSL. Little more money will be spent than in Zara, but they quality of the clothes is superior.

You wont get tailoring like you will at YSL, but REISS is totally worth the trip. Here are some of my favorite things out at REISS right now.

Connie shoeboots £195

Loving the gold. Like for real. These could have made my “shoe list”, had I known about them. Good heel height, little platform. Grainy leather.

Its all working pretty well. Wear now with your favorite skinny jeans, tank top, cute little jacket and a HUGE snood.

Courtney bustier dress £169

This is the dress that blew my head. The color is just amazing. You’ve got to be bold to wear this shade, but against slighty tanned skin, amazeballs.

Perfect Xmas party dress. Revealing enough, but not slutty. Team it up with some super high black heels, bolero and not too much bling. Doesn’t need it.

Don’t overdo it with this dress. You will end up looking like you are in Eastenders.

Sukey skirt £85

Nothing wrong with a little skirt for the autumn. Plus the perfect thing is that it clearly doesn’t matter which way you wear it.

As the photo on the left is the front and the photo on the right is the back. Go figure. It’s a little short, so I would team it up with great tights with some patterns.

Nothing too nuts, but something easy on the eye. Shoe boots and oversized sweater, park on top. Girly park chic. I am a genius.

Romeo leather waistcoat £275

REISS leather selection is very exciting. All the leather feels very soft, like they are made out of kittens. Miaaaowww!

This piece is my absolute favorite. There isn’t a better way to keep warm in September than a leather waistcoat with some fur on the collar. Can be tricky to wear, you do not need to end up looking like you are walking in the shire. Unless of course you are. I would rock this with grey jeans,

Black flat (eeek) boots, something to keep you warm underneath and a trilby. This needs a hat. Hats are the best thing about autumn and winter wardrobes.

Casper coat £195

Total coat heaven. Steel grey, collar (which you can wear down too, but why would you), belted tailoring. I may have found the perfect autumn coat.  Steel grey is the new black. Without a doubt. I won’t even tell you how to wear it, you will figure it out. And if you can’t. Well, then I can’t help you.

So, there you have it. Do pop your head into REISS. You will be pleasantly surprised!

REISSout. Msalonen

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    suzie boo
    September 18, 2010 at 2:33 pm

    I love this post. Firstly, it made me giggle. The ‘mini’ rant (buggies) is hilarious but more than giving me a laugh, you’ve completely changed my thinking about Reiss. I never even bothered to go in there as I just thought their stuff was all a bit too bland, and I kinda thought it might be mostly aimed at older ladies. I am very, very impressed and on your sound advice, I intend to pop my head into Reiss!! (:)

  • Reply
    September 18, 2010 at 9:04 pm

    awwww. thanks Suzie. You should DEF pop into Reiss.
    They are pretty brilliant! 🙂

  • Reply
    September 20, 2010 at 9:07 am

    I must have the kitten waistcoat and the skirt. Please have them sent over. You already know I wear hats so it is essential. Thanking you kindly x

  • Reply
    September 30, 2010 at 1:10 pm

    I love Reiss have done for a couple of years now – the cut of the clothes is really flattering and I love their jumpers and tops. Just splurged on their black leather aviator jacket and the mum’s at school are drooling!!

    But do you know what – whilst I try to avoid shopping with my little ones – sometimes it can’t always be done and the ‘rugrats’ may have to come – not everyone can avoid it so cut the stressed out mum’s some slack!!!


  • Reply
    October 1, 2010 at 2:59 pm

    ….and the shirts in the mens range (slightly off topic I know), are hte best fit forr me that I’ve found…short of having them made for me in Hong Kong. Which is a little further to go than Long Acre.

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