Nothing Sleepy About These Lions…

We all know I love the theatre, right?

Seeing a performance live on stage is one of my absolute favourite things to do in this City. I’d go every night if I could. I would spend all my money on Theatre Tickets. Even if I ran out of shows I’d just start all over and watch the best ones again…something I’ve already done with The Lion King.

If you haven’t seen it yet…you must. Immediately. It’s one of the most spectacular shows I have seen…the costumes are amazing, the performances outstanding, and the story beautiful…and one most of us already know.

If you would like to get yourself some Lion King Tickets and see what I, and all the critics, have been raving about, the Summer Holidays are the perfect time to do so. Click on the link to get the best deals on all West End Tickets  including the Lion King and all the other amazing shows happening in London Theatre right now.

The kids will love it, and more importantly – so will you!

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