ROAD-TEST! An Organic, Odourless Spray Tan. Really?

I like winter. I like hat’s and scarves and boots and tights and all things woolly and warm.

I do not, however, like the grey colour my skin goes when it hasn’t seen sunshine for more than a few weeks, or looking in the mirror and getting a big glimpse of DULL reflected back at me.

So when I was invited in to try out the new Vita Liberata spray tan booth at House of Fraser on Oxford Street this week, I couldn’t have been happier. It’s set to be a permanent fixture in store, and with the promise of a natural looking, odourless tan, this could give me yet another excuse to hop off the tube at Bond Street…(Like I need one).

Vita Liberata have been around a few years now and if you haven’t heard of them, you soon will. As well as being the official tanners of the X-Factor (I would like to see Matts white bits please, thank you), they also boast a client list including the likes of the gorgeous Kelly Brook and Sienna Miller. Obviously doing something right.

The products are all organic and paraben free, and are accidentally, but rather brilliantly, almost odourless, unlike many of the other products on the market that whiff a little. The colour lasts for around 5 days but allegedly has a natural fade so you don’t go patchy, another USP that is most definitely welcome.

The spray tans are available in 3 shades – Hawaii (light), Ecuador (medium) and Brazil (dark). I opted for Ecuador seeing as it’s party season…although having seen examples of Hawaii it’s also a really lovely colour. The spray tan itself took just a few minutes, and it was great to see how much care was taken, with barrier creams being applied to my hands and elbows to make sure there was no build up of colour in obvious places.

When I looked in the mirror afterwards, I was genuinely surprised as the tan looked so natural I almost looked like I hadn’t had one. In a good way. There was no fake orange glow, no streaks, just a natural shade that suited me perfectly. It’s only when I say the white bits I realised just how pale I had been before!

I thought I would give the tan a couple of days before writing about it, so I am now on day 3 and it still looks perfect. No fading so far, no patches and no streaks, just an even, natural looking tan that makes me look healthy and glowing.

I have been self-tanning for years and am definitely going to start adding the Vita Liberata products to my routine. They do a whole range for home use too so I snapped some up and will write about those too when I start using them. I hope they will be as good as the spray tan – I love it!

Head to House of Fraser on Oxford Street for your tan (they’re round the back off Old Cavendish Street) or head over to the website to find out more. They have a semi naked video of Ollie Murs on there, and the chance to win £500 of products, so it is most definitely worth the click!

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    January 7, 2011 at 3:30 am

    JUST what I’ve been wishing and hoping for xxx might try this out for Paris 😉

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