We'll Always Have Paris… Day 1

James and I have been together a year now – and decided to mark the momentous occasion (and that of both our birthday’s this month – double Scorpio trouble) with a trip to Paris.

JJ Miller at St Pancras Eurostar

I have beautiful memories of Paris throughout the years, but had never been with a boyfriend, so it was all wonderfully romantic. We hopped on to the Eurostar first thing on Friday morning, trying not to be smug as the commuters raced passed us on their way to the office, and arrived in the city of love by lunchtime – just in time for a spot of shopping, followed by lunch and wine, before we could finally check into our hotel at 4pm.

I find this time of year miserable in London, but in Paris? It’s wonderful. The Champs-Elysées is lit up with beautiful hooped Christmas lights in red and blue, and the festive atmosphere somehow soothes the biting cold air that nips at your fingers and toes.

We were lucky enough to be upgraded at our accommodation, The Legend Hotel on Rue de Rennes. Our original room was rather tiny, as many in Paris are, yet decorated beautifully like all in this charming boutique hotel.

We end up in the “Secret Passage” Suite – which was a little less dreamy and a lot more boudoir style-wise – but was spacious and modern, with two tiny Juliette balconies perched high above the main street that afforded us the most gorgeous view. The suite had a luxurious rainforest shower that was easily large enough for two and housed what can only be described as the world’s most perfect bed; each of the individually themed rooms and suites has a Tempur mattress and pillows and it really is like sleeping on a cloud. Heaven!

Our first day was spent lazily browsing and exploring the area (I am familiar with the streets North of the Seine – less so those to the South), stopping every now and then for a bite to eat or to sample a glass of red wine in one of the many cafes that line every street. We had planned to head home for an early night after a long day – but instead settled upon a spontaneous cinema visit and a viewing of Argo – one of the finest films I have seen in a long while. It’s not even spoiled by the fact I knew the ending. Brilliant.

We strolled hand in hand back through Montparnasse and Saint Germain, breathing in the chilly air and snuggling together in our scarves and coats until we returned to our Suite, and that amazing bed, for a full ten hours sleep.

A perfect night, following a perfect yet exhausting day…ready to take on the city tomorrow.

(Part 2 to follow…)

Image Credits to @WhatleyDude and The Legend Hotel.


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